Leaders Of Hiking Group May Face Charges Of Negligence


Following the deaths of ten students of a pre IDF academy, Police Commissioner Roni Alshiekh has ordered a special investigative team established to probe the circumstances of the drowning.

On Thursday night, the head of the program and two staff members were reportedly questioned by police. According to unconfirmed reports, they are suspected of negligent homicide for holding the hike despite flood warnings in the area.

According to Hadashot, the students had expressed concern over the trip despite the torrential rain that has ravaged Israel over the past few days.



  1. If true, then those murderous dogs should be given the death sentence. They took 10 lives. They should give theirs.

  2. May face charge of negligence??!! There is no question of it.Everyone in Israel knows of the danger of the Negev flash floods and the news were full of the fact that 2 Bedouin kids had been killed the day before! The school should be permanently closed and the administrators arrested and charged!

  3. A message from Above: Girls and boys joining the army is against the Torah, especially as the Torah clearly prohibits girls from wearing weapons “Lo yihiyeh kli gever al isha” A weapon is a kli gever. IMMORALITY IN THE ARMY MUST STOP!


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