Lawyers Respond To Claims of Dropouts Who Blamed Lack of Education for Parnassah Difficulties


A small group of Israeli dropouts have sued their parents and learning institutions in court, demanding compensation for the lack of secular education they received, which, they claim, led to difficulty in making decent livings. This was after the High Court rejected an appeal of former Education Minister Amnon Rubenstein to force the Liba core curriculum on chareidi associations.

In response to the dropouts’ appeal, dozens of institutions led by the Union of Yeshiva Directors hired attorneys to present two defense pleas from Attorneys Uri Kidder and Dovid Helfer.

The former’s defense began by saying, “Chareidi chinuch provides much to its students. It advances and prepares them for a full life in the chareidi society where they live, educating them on the basis of a unique learning style that has proven itself for centuries… At the same time, thousands of chareidi graduates who integrate into the job market are clear evidence of the high learning abilities chareidi education imparts to its students, abilities which allow its graduates to integrate into the labor market in a way that arouses astonishment and admiration.”

Kidder argued that chareidi education concentrates on developing students’ understanding rather than merely passing tests, and that putting all emphasis on the Liba curriculum would be a proven failure.

He added that the chareidi system would do even better if the government stopped discriminating against it with inferior funding and noted that chareidi education is free of the physical and verbal violence prevalent in much of the government school system.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Does that specifically answer the question regarding the LACK of basic learning skills in math and language?

    • Sure pick the exception to rule! Thats not how the world works. Thats like pointing to one extremely wealthy gvir. And then ignoring the massive amounts suffering in poverty!

  2. #2 dropping out of school is a non comparison to zero skill-set in math, reading, writing & basic info about your country & how it functions (called civics).

  3. It amazes me how you focus on the 1% of those who drop out of school and do well. Maybe you forgot that 1 in 10 high school drop outs spend time in prison. Or that 68% of prisoners have not graduated high school. By the way, those who you mentioned graduated high school and dropped out of Ivy League colleges. So keep trying to convince yourself that you will be the one who makes it to Forbes magazine without a decent education. Yes it took me some time as well to figure that out. I didn’t get a high school diploma and struggled financially through 5 years of marriage (4 spent in kollel) until I decided to get a decent education. Got a GED, graduated college, and currently in a doctorate program. So as the frum community (of course not everyone but a large portion) blinds themselves to the reality and robs our children of a decent education, I’ll be laughing to the bank with a 100k+ salary.

    • Wow, you are very sure of yourself. It’s great that you don’t need HKBH anymore. Must be a relief. Which bank will you be laughing in front of? I would like to take a picture and get the rights to author your biography.

  4. Wonderful society we love in. The individuall is never at fault, always someone else is to blame. One trips on his shoelace sue the shoe company for making the string too long, can’t be bothered to study sue the school and parents, why not sue your parents for giving birth to you, or Hashem for not giving one the
    Looks,money,secal one thinks is his right. Insanity. The most ridiculous thing I’ve heard.

  5. Richard, these are unique individuals, who can’t be used as examples for the rest of society. I know of many people who can barely sign their names in English who have done extremely well in the business world because of their genius regarding business. But education has to gear to the rest of society also. People without business acumen need at least the basics in English and math to get a regular job.


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