Lawsuit Alleges White House Link In Seth Rich Conspiracy

Seth Rich, a DNC data specialist, was fatally shot July 10, 2016, in a botched robbery attempt, D.C. police said. MUST CREDIT: Photo courtesy of the Democratic National Committee

A private detective who investigated the slaying of a Democratic National Committee staffer alleged in a lawsuit Tuesday that Fox News Channel worked with White House officials to push a discredited theory about the case to undermine allegations of Russian collusion with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

The investigator, Rod Wheeler, further claims in the suit that President Trump was aware of the bogus story and urged Fox to publish it on its website.

Wheeler’s defamation lawsuit – which names Fox News, a Fox reporter and a wealthy businessman as defendants – is an outgrowth of the slaying last summer of Seth Rich, a young data specialist at the DNC.

Rich was killed in his D.C. neighborhood in July 2016 in what police said was a botched robbery attempt. But the timing set off a conspiracy theory among Trump supporters and those on the far right: that Rich’s death was somehow arranged by Democratic officials as payback for his leak of thousands of DNC emails and electronic files to WikiLeaks, which published them.

(c) 2017, The Washington Post · David Weigel, Paul Farhi



  1. For the record:
    Seth Rich was murdered in a robbery without nothing being stolen from him
    The FBI have been caught red-handed fabricating evidence that links the death of DNC whistleblower Seth Rich with armed robbers.

    According to Newsweek:

    The Left will also deny the 116 people on Clinton’s Body Count.

  2. Another dem conspiracy to move focus away from the real issues. Rod wheeler himself admitted in the early stages ghost Seth rich was communicating with wiki leaks right before his assassination. He suddenly pulled back and drastically changed his tune. Probably because he got a message or got scared that he’ll be the next investigator to end up in a body bag.

  3. Not only had the FBI (headed by the then corrupt Comey) refused to investigate it the mainstream media covered it up as not of interest to the public since the Trump-Russian fantasy is of much more importance.

    The mainstream media is completely blacklisting any mention of the bombshell revelations by investigative reporter Seymour Hersh about murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich, in which Hersh explained how Rich was Wikileaks’ source for the DNC leak and HOW THE “RUSSIAN HACKING” STORY WAS COMPLETELY CONCOCTED BY FORMER CIA DIRECTOR JOHN BRENNAN.

    In an audio tape obtained by Big League Politics, Hersh says he saw an FBI report leaked to him by an insider which confirms that Rich had contacted Wikileaks with sample emails from the DNC leak and asked for payment for the full data dump.


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