Lawmakers Skeptical of Syria Strike


congressPresident Obama will have to do his best to sell Congress on a Syria strike over the next week, with many lawmakers expressing skepticism after a classified briefing yesterday.

Eighty-three lawmakers took a break from their holiday weekend to listen to the administration’s case for military strikes, but afterward lawmakers on both sides of the aisle said military authorization would have to be far less open-ended than what Obama is proposing.

Republican Sens. John McCain and Lindsay Graham, meanwhile, said the proposal was too limited already and criticized Obama for asking Congress’ approval in the first place.

Congress is expected to start debating strikes in earnest once they’re back from vacation on Sept. 9. Read more.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Read “A Divine Madness”, think about the Torah’s warnings, and then you will see that ‘two days of US bombings’ of Syria is the raving of a psychopath who does not know what WAR is.
    He is not in control, will not be in control, and all the “world leaders” are not in control. Consider WW I, WW II and every “limited conflict” since then. Again, read and learn from “A Divine Madness”.
    Hashem ein od milvado.


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