Lawmakers In NJ Assembly To Vote On Same Gender Marriage Bill


new-jersey-state-assembly-trentonThe New Jersey Assembly is voting today on whether to legalize same-gender marriage.

If the state’s latest “marriage equality bill” passes in the Assembly, it heads to the governor. But Gov. Chris Christie, who opposes same gender marriage, has promised “very swift action” if the bill reaches his desk.

Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick of Westfield says most Republicans believe, as Christie does, that the question of legalizing same-gender marriage should be put to popular vote.

There are more than enough Democrats in the Assembly to pass the bill, even if no Republicans vote for it.

The state Senate approved the measure Monday. There, two Republicans voted for it and two Democrats voted against it.

Even if Christie vetoes the bill, legal analysts say they could still file a lawsuit to allow same-gender marriage in the Garden State.

“We are moving toward trial. We’re in what is considered the discovery stage right now,” said deputy legal director of Lambda Legal Haley Gorenberg.

She says she wouldn’t prefer challenging equal protection in court over the current legislation, bus says “that would be the quickest way to end the suffering of the families that we represent.”

But Gorenberg says they’re ready if lawmakers can’t override the governor’s veto.

{CBS/ Newscenter}


  1. All self respecting jews should do the correct thing and protest this abbpmination. Rav Moishe Fienstien Z’Tl pointed aout that there is no naturall desire for this type of relationship and is therefore a Milchomah against the Rebbone Shell Oilam!

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