Laundry Detergent Pods Increasingly Dangerous For Kids, Study Suggests


More kids than ever before are being poisoned after ingesting candy-colored laundry packets, a new study revealed Monday.

Researchers analyzed data from 62,254 calls made in 2013 and 2014 to Poison Control Centers across America reporting exposures to laundry or dishwasher detergent among kids younger than 6, and found a 17 percent jump in calls related to the ultra concentrated packets, according to the study, which appeared in the journal Pediatrics.

“Many families don’t realize how toxic these highly concentrated laundry detergent packets are,” said study co-author Dr. Marcel Casavant, chief of toxicology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Read more from the New York Post.

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  1. BS”D
    Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
    A Handicapped child
    16 Nisan 5776 (April 24, ‘16)

    “The Unthinkable Is About To Happen”

    Mommy, I am sorry that because of me you had to go through such terrible suffering, but this Pesach has been a special time because we are coming to the end and Hashem is bringing a warning even stronger through me. The fact that this all happened just exactly minutes before Pesach this year, is only a small message to me so that I should pass it on more clearly to the world, that we are nearing a tragedy the likes of which we can’t even try to imagine. As much as different people have written about it, still anyone who survives it, or the few that survive it, will know that they survived only with absolute miracles. In no other way can a person even dream that he can survive. So basic preparations can be done but they will only help you if and when the time comes for you to be saved. I have not been bringing the message strong enough evidently, so Hashem forced me to make it clearer. Jews get yourself together.

    I am a small boy who went with my father to watch Erev Pesach Matzos being baked by one of the Tzaddikim of this world and a very strange thing happened. A piece of heavy equipment used in the baking accidently fell onto my hand and one of the fingers of my hand was injured quite seriously in a most unusual way. It fell and hit my finger, obviously being directed to my small six year old finger, and it hit exactly on target to bring me great pain at the moment of impact. Boruch Hashem, even though I was hospitalized for a short time, Hashem had pity on me and it wasn’t worse than it was.

    But it’s a warning for me to warn Am Yisroel and all the world that the unthinkable is about to happen, and even though we have gone through many things that were once unthinkable, still now it’s going to be much worse than even our present state. The future events will be upon us very soon and more than getting ready physically, which there is not really a way to do, we must ready ourselves with complete Teshuva. We must start now to put our mindset into coming back to Hashem, even if we think we are close to Hashem. Everyone in this world can get infinitely closer than he or she is already. I beg everyone to please start realizing that this world is only an illusion. That our bodies with all its lusts and desires that are totally against what Hashem ultimately wants us to be, has the ability to push the Yetzer Hora completely out and desire only the Yetzer Tov which means to do Hashem’s will completely, to come close to Him without any demands and without any desires except to be close to Him and to do His will. I can’t emphasize enough how we have to just concentrate on these things.

    The world we live in today is built on “isms” communism, socialism, fascism, Zionism. None of these “isms” are for us! We are Yidden and we have to be close to Hashem and that is all we have to do, His will only. We can’t change one bit of it to suit ourselves and our desires. We have to constantly strive to understand more and more what He wants from us and to fulfill every one of His written and unwritten words, to go completely according to the Rabbonim and Tzaddikim from hundreds and thousands of years ago. Starting from Avrohom Ovinu who was the first Jew who, brought people to Yiddishkeit and continuing to Moshe Rabbeinu who was the Shaliach from Shomayim to give us our holy Torah and the Torah Sheba’al Peh onwards towards Yehoshua to the Zekainim to the Neviim to the Anshei Kneseses Hagedola to the Geonim, Rishonim and then to the Achronim … to the present day. However since this generation is a question mark because it’s so low, therefore it’s not so clear who is a great Tzaddik and who is not. Better to go for guidance to the known Tzaddikim of previous generations, and just follow their ways and don’t deviate. Go to their graves and Daven for guidance. There are great Tzaddikim buried all over the world and of course in Eretz Yisroel. Wherever you live there must be a Kever of a Tzaddik. Go to the Tzaddik’s Kever and beg the Tzaddik to go before Kisei Hakovod and beg Hashem to send the Geula Sheleimah to our lowest generation so that we don’t completely disappear into the muck and grime that is flooding the Frum world and the whole world. I guess I haven’t been putting it strong enough. We are in a spiritual life and death situation which means that it’s not only our bodies at stake, but our souls. So I beg you, it’s our last chance. Usually when you wake up in the morning in most places of the world the sun still shines normally. The world is more or less as we usually know it. We have food. We have a home. We have a car. We are married. We have children, and we go to school etc, but the time is coming when all that will change completely and that will be the end for those who want to go the opposite way of the will of Hashem, but those who are trying hard to go in Hashem’s way and to do Hashem’s Ratzon, they will have a new beginning that will last for eternity.

    Chag Kosher Vesamayach and A Gutten Moed. To all my fellow Jews, I beg you to take my word seriously.

    Tatti: Why did this accident happen when Rav _____ was baking Matzah?
    Moishela: When Rav _____ bakes Matzah, it’s with the utmost concentration on the Shechina and because of his Kesher to Am Yisroel and his Heavenly inspired writings to Am Yisroel that will Be’ezras Hashem save many souls, this is a place of Kedusha and baking Matzah especially with the Rav, is Kadosh.
    Tatti: Is your finger going to look horrible or will it heal properly?
    Moishela: Don’t worry, I’ll still find a Shidduch IY”H.

        • So you enjoy propaganda? Propganda does nothing but dumb down the intent of a messege. If you enjoy zombiefied messeges for the masses go ahead. “Rabbi Elazar said: Be diligent in the study of Torah. Know what to answer a heretic.” So when someone needs to argue against the heritic they will be ill prepared with messeges fit for a child. And the heritic will laugh in their faces.

    • Stop this Moishele business already.
      Very nice writing for a pretentious SIX YEAR OLD.
      If you have a message, just say it…you dont have to mask yourself in clothes that don’t fit.The message isn’t perceived or believed any better.

  2. And detergent bottles aren’t? People need to learn how to keep things out of reach of children. Watch them clamp down on these packet makers. Nobody ever asks why did somebody with children bring that into thier house? Use commen sense people

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