Larry King: I Got My Madoff Investment Back


larry-kingLarry King invested $700,000 with Wall Street scammer Bernard Madoff but was lucky enough to get it all back, the veteran journalist told the syndicated TV news show “Extra.”

King said that he and his wife got money back from the Madoff estate and from the government for taxes they paid on stock they never had.

Madoff never made investments but used money from new investors to pay previous ones. He pleaded guilty to fraud and is imprisoned. His wife says in a CBS “60 Minutes” interview that they tried to kill themselves after he confessed.

King told “Extra” on Thursday that he thinks Ruth Madoff came forward to help her daughter-in-law’s new book about her husband, Mark Madoff. He hanged himself with a dog leash last year on the anniversary of his father’s arrest.

{MSNBC/ Newscenter}


  1. Typical. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. All the elderly people have no money, didn’t get their money back but Larry King (Jewish by the way) who makes millions, gets his investment back. Anyone for conspiracy theories?


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