Largest Store in Machane Yehuda Has 2-Year-Old Kashrus Certificate


machaneh-yehudah-agudat-yisraelThe largest store in Machane Yehuda has a kashrus certificate from Agudat Yisrael which expired in 5768, two years ago. Jerusalem Kosher News called and questioned if in fact Agudah still gives supervision to ‘Yaakov Cohen & Sons’ at 9 Eitz Chaim Street and was told yes, they do. When asked why the certificate expired two years ago, the person on the other end exclaimed, “It can’t be,” but after checking, he learned that JKN was correct and the mashgiach is aware but does not see the urgency in the matter, since shoppers know the store is under Agudat Yisrael supervision.

At ‘Ugat Chen’ in Machane Yehuda the kashrus certificate from Agudah says “parave,” but there is not separation made between the oven sheet pans baking the dairy and pareve products.

Jerusalem Kosher News has encouraged consumers to call Agudat Yisrael at 02-538-5251 to complain.

Read more at JKN.


{Yair Israel}


  1. Huh? Agudah said they still supervise. The store just hasn’t posted the updated certificate. What’s the hangup here.

  2. Not sure why this is news. The forgot to replace the certificate, a clerical error. The question is why no one bothered checking this the whole time, but this is not news.

  3. So the food is kosher and the Teudah is two years old. Better than the Teudah being kosher and the food two years old…

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