Largest Lottery Ever Still Unclaimed, Winner Has Until April To Pick Up $1.5 Billion Prize


The winner of a $1.537 billion lottery jackpot in South Carolina has yet to come forward. That means the state of South Carolina might be a big loser too.

Economic officials estimated the winner would pay $61 million in state income taxes and put that money into the budget. That much money could pay for new voting machines or a police officer in every South Carolina public school. But the state Board of Economic Advisors is expected to remove the $61 million windfall from the state spending plan with the prize having yet to be claimed.

The winner has until mid-April to claim the prize or it is returned to the 44 states that play Mega Millions.

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  1. Maybe the person died of a heart attack when he saw how won te lotto. Now it’s he’s buried with a 1.5 billion dollar lotto in his pocket.

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