Large And Smelly Black Beetles Invade Israel


Hordes of large black beetles have invaded Israel, descending upon homes and leaving a foul stench in their wake.

The Environmental Protection Ministry confirmed Monday that the bugs are being found in large quantities in many communities around the country. The beetles are not harmful, don’t transmit diseases and are actually beneficial to agriculture because of their appetite for smaller bugs, so pesticides should not be used against them.

The pestilence, which comes on the heels of a much less icky butterfly migration, is expected to end soon as the weather turns hotter after a particularly rainy winter.

Read more at Times of Israel.




  1. They’re big, fat, ugly and they stink………Oh, I was referring to the Loony women of the wall nuts.

  2. Pestilence? Did someone confuse the different plagues they read in their maxwell house haggada? Pestilence is Dever not Arov or Arbeh! Lice would have been more on target!

  3. The Rebbe R’ Shayele Kerestirer’s yahrzeit who was effective against mice is coming up in a week. Think it can work against these beetles too?


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