Lapid: Soldiers “Need” Shabbos Soccer


Protesting a government delay in finalizing an agreement for Shabbos soccer games, Yair Lapid blasted UTJ and Shas for denying the public an important pleasure.

“If Netanyahu fails to sign the dispensation for soccer games on Shabbos, this will be a disgraceful surrender to the chareidim at the expense of people who need to work on weekdays and soldiers, for whom this is the only possible time to view soccer games,” Lapid said.

{ Israel News}


  1. Yair Lapid forgets that it’s alright to use your head when it comes to soccer. With comments like these, all i can say is “Ayn Lo Atid!”

  2. Israel is a SECULAR state. We are not going to convince secular people to even give Torah a hearing if the Torah is being forced down their throats.

    • So that’s why we have to make it even more secular with more chillul Shabbos because this self-hating bitter tzudreite wants it? If it’s not a Torah state what right does the govt have driving Arabs out?

  3. No chareidi should sign up to the anti Jewish Israeli army. They are not an army but a secular anti Torah indoctrination center. The army is made up of toeiva generals as well as atheists galore. Any 18 year old who joins such an army is committing spiritual suicide.

  4. Bumble world.

    Will the IDF soldier be more apt to work his manners to study on saturday or just blow off his steam. One wonders. Lapid has his common worry- secular thoughts. I can see this world is changing. One more to watch.

  5. Lapid has no appreciation of the power of Shabbos.

    And anyway, the idea that soldiers outside of combat and other urgent positions are very busy and contributing essential services day and night is a hoax.

    One of the big surprises when my son joined the IDF was the sheer amount of soldiers who only serve “shavua-shavua” — every other week. On their off weeks, they’re at home and can do whatever they want. (Many work waiting tables or delivering pizzas.) And after basic training, many soldiers do absolutely nothing on base for most of the day, except watch TV.

    They can catch up on their soccer then, if that’s SO important to Lapid.


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