Lapid on Syria, Iran: Words Not Enough, Have a Big Stick


yair-lapid“If you want to negotiate, you better have a big stick in your hand,” Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid told CNN. “It’s the Middle East; you have to have sticks with the carrots….Unless there is a credible threat, all the negotiations are just empty words.”

Not only Syria, but also Iran has to be shown that the world “will not be silent when regimes and dictatorships are gathering weapons of mass destruction.”

“When the reactor in Qom will be closed, when they will stop enriching uranium, when they take off the enriched uranium they already have, then we can discuss the fact whether we can all hold hands and sing hallelujah together. I’m happy to listen to any new music coming from Iran, but this has to be backed not only by words but also by deeds.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Since when does this rasha – upon whom HaRav Steinman shlita used the term yimach shemo no less – have the right to open his mouth let alone get quoted on Matzav as if he is worthy of being listened to??

  2. good luck scaring iran or putting more pressure on them-after not hitting syria immediately after what they did with chemical weapons.

    Now Israel has made iran less scared of them to move forward with nuclear weapons due to this & due to israel wating for obama-to do nothing & just sit-with syria & iran. Israel was ready to hit iran over 3 years ago. good luck now


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