Lapid: Jews Safer In New York Than In Israel


yair-lapidIsraeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid is running out of feet to put in his mouth.

He told Charlie Rose this week in New York at Manhattan’s 92nd Street Y that it’s safer to be a Jew in New York than in Israel.

Oops. Not too smart.

Lapid’s statement created tumult at home.

These comments followed remarks Lapid made on his Facebook page on September 30, following an interview on Channel 10, that he was “a little impatient” with people leaving Israel to reside in Berlin.

On Monday, he said that he lives in Israel “because I want to live in a country that’s a place but also an idea.”

Lapid got slammed for his remarks.

“Lapid needs to decide if he’s for people leaving Israel or against it,” MK Yoni Chetboun of Habayit Hayehudi averred. “Living in Israel isn’t about security, it’s about Zionism.” Read more on this here.

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  1. He’s so right cuz being a Jew means exactly that! Being a Jew! In ‘Lapidland’ they’re persecuted while in NY, yes we do have BloomyNanny, but we’re not persecuted.

  2. Israeli citicizens should learn the chaptzem trick when those vicious police and yassamniks come. Maybe then they’ll be safe in Israel too.

  3. Statistically, he is wrong. Israel has much lower mortality rates in general, and also much lower rates of violent crime.

  4. Mr. Lapid should really be more interested in hoping that he can bring the safety of a Jew in North America to the rest of the world and to the seas that shelter the future of Time.

    Israel is not exactly the safest place physically for a jew, but there may be some indeed true safety in being in a nation of True Yiddishkeit that an American Jew in many places is yet denied in many ways.

    In a world of reform and conservative jewry and a world of fallen bridges, America is a good place for many and G-d bless the fact (B’H) that my own life here in the Midwest has been a safe one for many years and Patiently in Hashems Ways Perhaps for Many years to come. But Torah is the only focus of a Torah society and Judaism and whenever Torah is elevated, the Torah Community and Jewish soul can live in Peace.

  5. He made it harder to be in Israel than ny! No one’s goal is to stop Torah learning in Ny! Why is he giving an interview to a well-known anti-israeli place??

  6. Don’t stop him. Let him continue making an absolute imbecile of himself. He used to be a journalist. He views his position as merely another plot for the theatre and he is experimenting, to see how far he can go before normal society has had enough.

  7. If there is fear, it is because of ‘Jews'(?) such as Lapid who have the power in government positions and doing everything against that Eretz Yisrael stands for and is. Going against Torah in E. Y. is not very wise and is bringing all the madness and tzarot to the people. They are warring against Hashem. Even with all the problems, there is no safer place for a richtige Yid to live, but in Eretz Yisrael, for HIS Holy Schinah is there from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Shomer Amo Yisrael!


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