Lakewood’s Tax Assessor Resigns


lakewood-smallLakewood, NJ’s tax assessor, Linda Solakian, will be resigning from her post this month, has learned. Contrary to reports and rumors, details of the resignation are not sketchy and her decision was not a result of local articles published about the tax assessor’s office and the tax appeals process. Rather, Solakian will be resigning to protect her health and because the stress and pressures of the job have become too overbearing for her. She recently returned to Lakewood after taking a brief hiatus.

Solakian, who was deputy tax assessor before being promoted to her position, will resign effective September 15, two weeks from today, though she will be on medical leave until then, according to information provided by the Yated Ne’eman newspaper to

Solakian had been tenured by the Lakewood Township Committee  some years ago. At the time, only Charles Cunliffe and PG Waxman, both members of the Committee at the time, voted against it, while current Mayor Bob Singer supported the  decision.

“Since the time that Linda took the job,” a local real estate agent told, “the town has morphed into a city. The real estate and tax realities are so drastically different. Her workload is nothing like what it was in the 1990s. The tax assessor’s office now faces thousands of tax appeals. It’s a different ball game and she was in over her head.”

{Noam Newscenter, with information from Yated Ne’eman, and reporting by M. Rubin}


  1. My own observation was that she took the job too personally. A professional, especially in a public service position, cannot become too personally involved. It makes it difficult for them to have the proper impartiality and they end up taking every challenge to their authority and decisions as a personal insult.

    There was also a certain cultural divide between her and the community. In a position that called for someone to be particularly sensitive about orthodox Jewish ways, she did not display much sensitivity. This should not be interpreted as an accusation of anti-Semitism. I don’t know what’s in her heart, but the mere fact that she was responsible for getting the Township as much tax money as possible doesn’t mean she is an anti-Semite.

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    Google her name?
    What a freak
    Who is this woman?

  3. Why do you say it has nothing to do with the articles in the shopper? What a coincidence that she didnt come to work only once the articles were printed

  4. Why to go Shopper for exposing the facts behind this extortion ring.

    They should get the Feds to follow up on RICO charges and discrimination.

  5. people should really get the facts straight beofre making accuasations.
    has anybody called the assessor or her office to find out if any of the articles were true?
    does anyone know anything about the situation besides the slander thats being thrown around by the papers that are supposed to enlighten you with the truth?
    no, you havent
    instead everyone wants a scapegoat, well you got one. the tax assessers office.
    maybe when the town goes bankrupt by the frivilous appeals being filed each year and the state needs to take over and theres no more free busing for private schools or a crossing guard on each corner to watch the children, maybe then people will really see whats going on in lakewood. look in your own backyards.

  6. …only Charles Cunliffe and PG Waxman, both members of the Committee at the time, voted against it, while current Mayor Bob Singer supported the decision…
    PG actually abstained from voting sighting a conflict of interest

  7. I love the comment about having a “cultural divide sensitivity”. Very interesting indeed. Let’s see should one develop a “cultural awareness” for the Italians; the Polish; the Russians, etc.? Nope. I don’t think one needs to have a “special” awareness just because the majority rule happens to be of Jewish descent. I think every single person, man, women or child should be treated exactly the same. No room for favoritism or special needs. We already have far too much of that taking place here in Lakewood as it stands.
    I agree that we need some serious outside folks coming in and investigating a whole lot more than just the tax assessors office; let’s add in the inspections department; the township council members; slum lords; “private” dental/medical practices; that openly state they will not treat you unless you are of the Jewish descent; segregated neighborhoods; block busting;etc., etc., so many which happen to fall under Federal jurisdiction. Which is exactly what this township needs. Let’s put it all under the magnifying glass of the Federal eyes…

  8. The reason why the assessor left was because she was fair to the town as a whole and some residents felt they were not getting special treatment. I could name the many who were behind her decision to leave and it wasn’t because she was an anti-semite or because she was corrupt, it was because she felt that NO ONE should receive special treatment. I am from one of the large developments in Lakewood and I would certainly object if she showed favoritism to the Jewish community. Lakewood is a very diverse town and the Jewish are not the only ones who live here. She was fair, honest and tried her best to serve ALL of Lakewood. I guess some just didn’t like that.


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