Lakewood’s Strand Theater Missing $5,000


strandLakewood Township police said they want to talk with the Strand’s former executive director about $5,000 missing from the theater’s coffers. On Dec. 17, the Strand’s executive board filed a police report about the missing $5,000, township police Lt. William Addison confirmed Friday.

Police hope former Strand employee Theresa Beaugard can help them answer questions about where the money might be. Beaugard, who was named executive director in July 2003, was fired in March because of performance issues, township officials confirmed.
The mystery centers around a check issued by Beaugard, which is why police want to speak with her. It was not until reviewing an audit in the fall did Strand officials say they became suspicious of a check for an “artistic fee” issued by Beaugard in spring 2008.

“It did not have sufficient documentation to justify the expense,” Township Committeeman Raymond Coles said Friday. “There was no contract to back it up.”

Police say an investigation is ongoing. Addison would not identify the suspect cited in the police report. But he said, “We would be very interested in talking to Theresa Beaugard.”

No warrants have been issued, Addison said. Beaugard could not be reached for comment.

“We’re fully participating in the investigation,” said Angela Koutsouris, president of the theater’s board of trustees. “We’re still waiting to hear as to the outcome.”

Police said they could not confirm Beaugard’s whereabouts, though they know she has left the area.

The Strand, while owned by the township, is funded through state grants, private donations and a county allowance and does not receive local tax dollars.

{APP-Zach Patberg/ Newscenter}


  1. What does this have to do with us? Other than the fact that the building sits in the middle of Lakewood, their internal auditing problems have no relevance to your readers.

  2. It’s missing a lot more than that, it’s an open spigot “pet” that only drains Lakewood’s strained resources.


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