Lakewood: Zoning Changes Blocked For Fears Of Overpopulation


The state has blocked — for now, at least — zoning changes proposed by Lakewood that opponents fear would double the population of the already rapidly growing township and hurt the environmentally-sensitive Pinelands region.

Exercising its jurisdiction under the Coastal Area Facilities Review Act, or CAFRA, the state Department of Environmental Protection said Lakewood failed to show it could supply enough water for drinking, cooking and bathing to areas that would be zoned for much higher density under the proposed changes. Read more at



  1. At the end of Matav’s article, it says “Read more at”. Everyone should click on the article and read the comment section. It is an eye opener to see what “they” think of us.

  2. Lakewood has needed a construction freeze for quite a while. We have been packed in like sardines for ages. Traffic is a nightmare and it’s almost impossible to get anywhere. This once idyllic town has ballooned into an overcrowded mess and it’s going to continue unless something is done about the situation.

  3. Second Lakewood is happening in Jackson. I wonder how the anti semites on other sites are so concerned about crime rate going up because so many religious Jews are populating Lakewood. Why don’t they look at the areas where real crime is rampant. Religious Jews don’t go around mugging people or robbing houses. They don’t hang out with drugs and beer or put graffiti all over.

    • This is a very common argument, but not at all helpful. I think, to be fair, we need to look at it from their point of view. They are not interested in hearing about all the crime of the slums, and being thankful that they are avoiding that. They are comparing what they had BEFORE the Jews come, to how it is AFTER the Jews come. Of course, WE don’t look at it like a big deal to live among ourselves. That is what we are used to- that’s our lifestyle, but try to understand that if they are used to very quiet, tranquil streets, with hardly any traffic, noise and tumult– and suddenly there is an influx of people who bring the OPPOSITE of what they had before, to them it is very disturbing. They are not interested in hearing that we don’t do drugs and they should be happy that the people coming in are not crime gangs. They don’t want any change, and we should try to understand that.

      • This doesn’t only apply to the non Jews in Lakewood. I am in Lakewood for over 40 years, since my husband learned in Yeshiva under R’ Shneur, and I feel the same way about the growth and the change that has come over Lakewood. It isn’t only anti semitism that is causing all the resentment against the unrestrained and underprepared development in our once beautiful town.

  4. Lack of infrastructure is a real concern. Traffic messes speak for themselves. I was not underground but to say the once a small town cannot provide needed water for a massive expansion is reasonable.

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