Lakewood: Stunning Gedolim Sukkah Pictures for Just $1 Each


dunoff-gedolim-pictures-sukkosLakewood, NJ – Stunning pictures for your sukkah at rock-bottom prices? Yes, you’ve read correctly.

Renowned photographer Yissochar Dunoff is selling his beautiful photos of gedolim at the BMG Daled Minim Shuk in Lakewood, NJ.

8.5×11 gedolim sukkah pictures are just $1 each. Laminated 18×24 posters are $5. There are also other pictures in various sizes. You’ve got to see them to believe the prices.

The Dunoff photo stand is located at the BMG Daled Minim Shuk right outside the entrance to the yeshiva’s otzar haseforim.

The 8.5×11 gedolim sukkah pictures for just $1 each are going fast, so be sure to get yours.

For more info, email, visit, or call 215-266-0146.

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  1. To Matzav editor: It should say ‘Advertisement” clearly in the headline. It is misleading to not let us know until the end of the article.


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