Lakewood, Passaic, Brooklyn: Schools Closed Today


snow1[See below for addition closings.] Lakewood, NJ, is being slapped with a blizzard, bringing the town to a literal standstill. All girls schools in Lakewood will be closed today due to the snowfall and dangerous conditions. Most boys schools will be closed as well, is told, though for some schools a final decision won’t be made until later in the morning.

There is no public transportation.

The limud haTorah at the mesivtos and botei medrash in Lakewood will continue undisturbed.  

The girls schools closed tomorrow in Lakewood include Ateres Tziporah, Bais Faiga, Bais Kaila, Bais Rivka Rochel, Bais Rochel, Bais Shaindel, Bais Tova, Bais Yaakov, Bnos Penina, Bais Yaakov High School, Bnos Bais Yaakov, Bnos Bina, Bnos Bracha, Bnos Devorah, Bnos Melech, Bnos Orchos Chaim, Bnos Rivka, and Bnos Yaakov. has learned that schools in Passaic, NJ, will be closed as well.

Additional closings may be posted below.

{ Lakewood News Desk}


  1. There is a state of emergency with no cars being allowed on Jersey streets and boys have school?????? Sakana!! Hatzola vehicles are being rescued and parents are sending kids to school? This is insanity.

  2. TORAH IS NEVER CLOSED whenever snow or any kind of storm comes up, it is really a Nisayon (test) from Hashem to see how much & which people will go & be moser nefesh to learn & daven with a minyan etc… before saying naaa the snow is too high or its raining too hard etc… DON’T FAIL THIS TEST BETWEEN YOU & HASHEM

  3. I’m sorry it’s not a Nisayon to put yourself in sakana as we see from Yakkov when he went to get jars late at night which is also a sakana and he failed his test by putting himself in danger

  4. Calm down… the boys schools only said they’re waiting for Monday morning to decide!! no one said anything about the boys coming in for a regular school day with no way to get there.

    And of course, even when there’s no school, the old-enough boys have plenty of ways to learn without getting to school… the world keeps going on shabbos and will keep going with for-safety school closures too.

  5. a big thank you goes out to the bucharim of rabbi goldblatts yeshiva in lakewwod for going out of their way to a wedding that the matzav was that they needed guys to go be mesameach the chassan vekallah in this blizzard.(we see that they get their special kochas from their rebbie,rabbi goldblatt who is a special person and devoted rebbie) thank you and tizka lemitzvas 🙂

  6. Wake-up call….I will give you the benefit of the doubt that your comment was meant that even though schools are closed we should still learn at home or nearby locations accessible by walking a very short distance. I hope you aren’t actually encouraging people to be moser nefesh by getting in their cars or walking the streets when we were all told not to, for our own safety. Some comments made on this site just absolutely blow my mind sometimes.

  7. I agree with #10. We cannot fail this test from The Abeister. Regardless of the sakana we have to show that Torah is the most important thing. I sent all my kindelach to yeshiva this morning and purposely did not give them gloves so that they should learn to be moser nefesh for learning.

    As to comment #11 – you cannot say that Yakkov, who was the Gadol HaDor of his generation “failed his test”, since just like the Gedolim of today can do nothing wrong, so too Yakkov Avinu. I understand what you are trying to say, but I would not use the word “fail”.

  8. my brothers learned at home although they had no school. Is there something wrong with that?! Learn and have fun in the snow. the schools don’t need to be open for boys to learn


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