Lakewood School Board Election Results: Seitler, Zlatkin and Fink Win


bmg-small[ Updated: Final results below.] After weeks of rhetoric and tough talk about spending in the local school district, the fate of local spending on education has been decided by voters. The polls closed at 9 p.m. With the Lakewood, NJ, school budget continuously ballooning over the past few years, Township voters were given the opportunity to make their voices heard in today’s school board election and they did.

Voting results are as follows:

In the race for three three-year terms:

Yechezkel Seitler – 3,898

Issac Zlatkin – 3,931

Carl Fink – 4,540

Morris Wilder – 1,535

Tracey Tift* – 1,786

Yisrael Friedman – 707

In today’s elections, there were four seats on the ballot, rather than the usual three. One person ran for the one-year unexpired term and five ran for the three full terms on the school board.

In the race for the unexpired one-year term:

Ada Gonzalez* – 3,859

The total votes cast were 16,505

{ Newscenter Lakewood News Team}


  1. Are you sure this is from all the districts? I cannot believe only 538 people voted in the entire Lakewood. This is probably from 1 or 2 districts. Stay tuned for further results.

  2. there were 538 total votes cast! I voted for 4 people. Assuming everyony who voted picked 4 names, that means only 137 people showed up!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Member of the Board of Ed. Lakewood Twp
    27/38 71.05%
    Under Votes 2088
    Over Votes 0

    Vote Count Percent
    – Yisrael Friedman 543 4.27%
    – Yechezkel Seitler 3,051 23.98%
    – Isaac Zlatkin 3,080 24.21%
    – Carl Fink 3,521 27.68%
    – Morris Wilder 1,127 8.86%
    – Tracey Tift 1,308 10.28%
    Write-In 91 0.72%
    Total 12,721 100.00%


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