Lakewood Residents Urged to Prepare for Impending Snowstorm


bh-snowWith yet another winter storm approaching Ocean County, officials are again urging residents to be prepared. “Our county road crews are ready for this storm just like the others,” said Freeholder Director James F. Lacey, who serves as liaison to the county Road Department. “A good rule of thumb for our residents is to be prepared for the storm and once it gets here, if at all possible, stay home.”Our road crews need some time to clear roads properly and the fewer vehicles on the roads the better,” Lacey said.

Lacey said the county expects to have enough salt to use on its 1,500 lane miles or 620 miles of county roads.

Stephen F. Childers, Ocean County’s road supervisor, said road crews will first plow a roadway to make it passable. He added plows will then make a second pass, plowing the snow to the curb.

“Residents often begin to clear out driveways as soon as they see us go by the first time,” Childers said. “We encourage residents to wait until we have plowed the second time so they don’t wind up clearing their driveways twice.”

Freeholder John P. Kelly, Director of Law and Public Safety, strongly suggests that when residents clear snow from their property they also clear snow from fire hydrants outside their homes.

“Recent snows have buried some hydrants and even though they may be marked by snow flags, hydrants that cannot be immediately accessed would result in critical delays should a fire happen in the home,” Kelly said. “Most of us are already cleaning our property from snow, taking a few minutes to clear the fire hydrant could save a life.”

Lacey said that snowstorm information as it relates to Ocean County events and services along with other helpful information is available on the Ocean County website at and listed in the Ocean County Updates Box.

“We want to make sure our residents can access our information easily,” Lacey said.

The Ocean County Office of Emergency Management also is urging residents to make the necessary preparations now to be prepared and stay safe in advance of the storm.

The following are recommendations to help you weather the storm:

· Stock up on food and water including items that do not need to be refrigerated or heated.
· Make sure prescription medications are filled.
· Keep cars off the street to allow for smoother plowing operations.
· Check battery-powered equipment such as radios and flashlights. Buy extra batteries.
· Keep tuned to a local radio or television station for the latest National Weather Service advisories as well as instructions from local officials.
· In case of an emergency contact your local Police Department or Municipal Emergency Management Coordinator.
· If you must venture out, dress in layers, cover your face and wear mittens to help prevent frostbite.
· If you must shovel, do so in intervals so as not to strain yourself unnecessarily.
· If you must travel, do so with extreme caution, make sure you have a full tank of gas, an emergency kit in the vehicle including a shovel, flashlight, water, and let someone know where you are going and the route you are taking.

Sixty-five to 70 county trucks are expected to hit the roads as soon as the snow begins to fall. Contractors have also been put on notice that the county may be calling them for assistance.

The first of the county roads to be plowed are known as the 500 series, which includes such main roads as Hooper Avenue in Toms River Township, and Route 571, which travels through Toms River Township to Jackson Township. In Southern Ocean County, those roads include Route 539.

“We start with these main roads and work our way to the secondary roads,” Childers said.

Childers noted the Road Department is assisted by other county departments including Solid Waste Management and Parks and Recreation. Ocean County’s Department of Buildings and Grounds is also involved in snow removal efforts.

Childers also requested that residents be patient when it comes to bad weather.

“Ocean County has 621 miles of roadway that it maintains,” Childers said. “This is the largest county road system in the state.”

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Keep tuned to a local radio or television station for the latest National Weather Service advisories as well as instructions from local officials. Television! Chas Veshalom! Matzav, please do not cut and paste!


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