Lakewood Resident Petitions Verizon To Keep 3G Towers


A petition has been posted online requesting that Verizon holds off on replacing 3G towers in Lakewood in ordeer to accomodate the large population of citizens who eschew smartphones and still use the 3G services.

According to the petition:

Verizon has announced that they will end 3G service in 2019, and will instead focus on maintaining 4G and developing 5G. They have already stopped fixing broken 3G towers, and 3G service is already spotty in many areas.

Lakewood, NJ boasts a large demographic of Orthodox Jews. Many of them  abstain from using smartphones, with the objective to avoid the immorality and culture that has become synonymous with the internet. Verizon has a large customer base in Lakewood that uses flip-phones, the vast majority of which utilize the 3G network.

It is perfectly understandable that Verizon wishes to advance technology and shed the extra expenses involved in servicing and maintaining the 3G cell towers. Nevertheless, we respectfully ask that you consider departing from that policy in order to accommodate your customers in Lakewood, and continue to upkeep their local 3G towers as long as it is feasible to do so.

To join the petition, CLICK HERE.



  1. It is imperative to realize that Verizon is not shutting down their towers till 2020! complain to verizon that they should fix the issues or give out free phones the same way tmobile and att have done i the past.

  2. its worthwhile calling,as they have given free upgrades and even credit for weak 3g service recently!
    make a kiddush hashem!,not the opposite

  3. Let’s do a petition that they should stop selling smartphones at all, and then that they should have mincha in every store.

  4. there is the same problem in Brooklyn. Service on 3g phones is terrible. We spoke to several people in Verizon and they all said they are phasing out 3g technology and not activating any new 3g phones. They said the phase-out will end Dec. 2019. We fought till we got new flip phones for the family at $20 a piece. Just curious why they have an ad in the jewish circulars advertising 3g phones at 50% off if you cant even use them.


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