Lakewood Police Officer Gives 9-Year-Old Boy Summons


lakewood-policeA Lakewood boy can now say that he got his first summons when he was just 9 years old. A bus belonging to one of the local yeshivos was doing its regular route, when some boys on the bus threw some cookies out of a window. One of the cookies landed near a Lakewood police officer who was in the area and the officer pulled the bus over. Once aboard, the officer identified the 9-year-old culprit and handed him a summons. The mother of the boy said that her son is traumatized.


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  1. its high time we teach our children how to act in public – i feel that sometimes the way our children act on the buses reflect poorly on us as a community

  2. What was the ticket for- throwing cookies???! Is that offense on the books? Or was the police officer’s ego offended? That police officer needs to grow up and keep his perspective in proportion to the age of the offender and the severity of the ‘crime’. It would have been appropriate to scold the child and warn him that it better not happen again, but a ticket? Whom, exactly, is he punishing? And does he really need to exact that kind of revenge to assuage his bruised ego (by a 9 year old child?)

  3. Children should be taught to sit belted in seat belts and not to throw anything out the window. This education should be begin in pre K and reviewed yearly till bus transportation is over.

  4. It’s probably the same idiot police officer that accused Reb Yossel Bursztein of assulting him. A friend once explained to me what a police man is. As children in playgroup, we all wanted to be a police man when we grow up. A police man is actually the one that never grew up!

  5. Thank you to Matzav and The Lakewood Soop for bringing us this story. It will only make people aware of whats going on on buses and in the lakewood police dept.

  6. Being a resident of lakewood i can tell you that the level of chutzpah that the children have is intolerable. If i had to guess i would say that the child was aiming for the cop because he was a “goy”.

  7. If this 9-year-old Jewish boy (from “yeshivah”) has not yet learnd how to behave on a school bus, look to his home.

  8. While I cannot condone what the child did, it’s definitely unacceptable, the punishment certainly does not fit the “crime”. A stern warning would have done the trick. All the cop did was cause more ill will between the frum community and the police dept. (I wonder how the vaad will react to this?)
    Every child in America is taught that if you’re ever in trouble all you need to do is tell a policeman and he will help you. He’s your friend and you can trust him. Once again the LPD has broken that trust. (Obviously, they are hard pressed to hire officers and therfore have taken to filling their ranks with peewits. This cannot be tolerated any longer.)
    I wonder how many times the cop did something wrong when he was young. How many times did he get detention? Did he smash pumpkins? Did he punch anyone else? Or was he an “angel”?
    This incident just proves that the Torah’s way is emes. A katan isn’t held liable if he damages something. Only in the goyishe velt can a little kid be charged with acting like a kid.
    On the flip side, we need to teach our children to behave with derech eretz at ALL times. The best way to do that is for us to act with derech eretz. Let’s start acting like mentschen and I’m sure these types of incidents will cease to exist.

  9. The people on this site criticizing the cop are part of the problem. Rather than focus on the little mazik who needed a good lesson and finally got one, they are complaining about the one who gave him the lesson. Tipshus.

    No doubt a 9 year old boy has been riding the bus long enough to know that what he was doing was wrong and against rules that have probably been repeated many times.

  10. What the cop did.Is consistent with the way LPD behave.TICKET THE JEWS ITS FUN.I work on Clifton ave and watch the cops gleem as they hold up a mini vans full of kids and give the mother 3-4 tickets and scare the living day lights out of her.

  11. Officer needs to be sent to some anger management classes.

    And to the silly poster who labeled the trash thrower a “mazik”, you might need to attend one or two of those classes yourself.

    The child did something wrong, as children are wont to do, and deserved a scolding. Any adult who feels the need to give a child “a good lesson” ought not to be in a position of authority to children other than their own.

  12. to belmarmom,
    does speculating on the possible misbehavior of the policeman as a child qualify as acting with derech eretz, as you advocate?

  13. For the people that have problems with recievig tickets why can’t you just follow the law and not have to worry about getting tickets?

    I am tired of hearing cops are anti semites and they all hate us. You have no idea what an anti semite is. Ask someone who went through ww 2 and then you will know what an anti semite is. Reserve that strong language for the people that really would love to kill us.

    Seatbelts save lives. If children are not buckled properly or not in the correct type of seat for their age then an officer WILL pull you over and ticket you. Simple as that. If you do not care about your son or faughter then I why should anyone care about you complajing about a ticket?

    Your children should be your concern more than anything else. If you do not care about your children then the cops don’t care about you either.

    In Monsey, On Main Street police officers do check points daily and would you ebelive there are still stupid people talking on cell phones, not wearing seatbelts and children standing on the seats in mini vans.

    And when drivers get ticketed what do we hear? ANTI SEMITES!!

    Get real and stop causing a chilul hashem.

  14. To belmarmom, please stay in belmar if you are going to breed hate. Imagine if a police officer visits this website and sees the hate that you are breeding, think about the consenquences that would have. If a kid has a problem going over to a police officer for help its because of people like you who told the kid that the cop was wrong to scold him. I feel bad for you, as a clinical psychologist (and probably everyone else can also see) I sense that you had a bad childhood when it came to following rules. You were always looking for excuses. Well thats not how i raise my kids, and neither should anyone else. My kids put garbage in the garbage receptacle, that is the proper thing to do.

  15. I got written up for a snowball from a school bus in ’65. Yes flying objects on a windshield can startle the driver and be a hazard. The boy did something wrong. It’s sad he didn’t learn it from his parents first.

  16. And for all the safe hating Jews who blame Lakewood kids for their behavior, just take a ride on any school bus from our beloved public schools with high school children. When you finish, give a cheder kid a kiss and say with all your kavana, “shlo asani goy!”

  17. a mini vans full of kids and give the mother 3-4 tickets and scare the living day lights out of her.
    1. No seatbelts
    2. No carseat
    3. Too many children not enough belts
    4. Windows open and hands outside
    5. expired inspection on the van
    6. Headlight missing/in need of repair
    7. Side view mirror falling off
    ETC. ETC…….

  18. Let’s Farshtei this…if the cookie was chomets… then the kid made a mitzva. Now, if it was pesachdik, then he deserves a ticket for throwing it to the goy. The big shaailah would be, if you don’t pay the ticket till after pesach are you’oiver baal yiroeh’ if they don’t sell the ticket to the goy.

  19. Does you comment to Belmarmom constitute as derech eretz? Could you have not admonished her in a more dignified way than to turn her own words against her? Perhaps you should have reflected on her pain as she is a mother who can indentify with the 9 year old’s mother? Do you not have any feelings at all? Where is your derech eretz? Mr. Shalom, by zeroing in on the tree, you have become lost in the forest.

  20. although this was on the lakewood scoop, i thinks its very good that matzav also published it for the ny and other ppl, because it’s about time the lakewood pd cleans up some of their officers once and for all.

  21. All you sanctimonious peole out there, who are busy talking about the chutzpa of our boys in Lakewood and look at the home he grew up in. GET A GRIP OF YOURSELVE, all it is, is boys being boys. I think all you would be a lot better off, if you wouldnt look for every oppurtunity to judge other people unfavorabley, and just worry about your own issues.UNLESS OF COURSE YOU DONT HAVE ANY ISSUES. YEH RIGHT

  22. If this mother (belmarmom) would raise her kids properly she wouldn’t have the pain/fear that maybe her kid will get a summons.

  23. What this kid did was a major Chillul Hashem! It’s obvious the Parents are not teaching this child Derech Eretz.
    Now the Mother claims, her Tzadikal is traumatized, is Baloney! Where was the Mother all of these years?
    I’ll tell you what the problem is. The Mother is a spoiled brat so the children are just following in her footsteps!

  24. I still don’t get what the child was ticketed for. It couldn’t have been for not being seat-belted (school buses don’t come with seat belts.) Was it for littering? Or, maybe, for assaulting a cop? (with a cookie, no less!) Is the offense on the books, and are there any age limitations? (There are better ways to deal with chutzpa than a ticket!) How, exactly, does the PD expect to collect from a 9 year old child? Will they garnish his allowance, do you think? Belmarmom, you are right on target! Mucholoco (good choice of moniker), if you are really a clinical psychologist, I feel sorry for any child who comes in contact with you. The vitriol that you spewed is totally unacceptable from anyone, especially from a professional. You would probably be more successful as a corrections officer.

  25. Most clinical psychologists I know have more insight, intelligence, and empathy than to make wild and immature judgments on an individual’s childhood based on a single comment. My dear, center thyself, and look in thy mirror.

  26. Just to add 2 cents. I did not read in the news story that the boy knew that he was throwing it on someone, let alone a policeman. That would be a real chutzpa and crazy to boot. If he did not do it intentionally, this act should not have been treated as if it was done with the intention of throwing something on a police officer.

    Nevertheless, of course we have to teach our children not to throw anything out of bus windows…

  27. were in serious trouble as a community when people try to take away the blame from the child – my children once came home telling me how kids on the bus shouted racial slurs at people – we really need to teach our kids better

  28. I think everyone here has to chill and stop making such a big deal out of nothing. So, some kid is “traumatized,” some mother has psychological issues, and the rest of the world is fighting about it! Grow up!

  29. “(school buses don’t come with seat belts.)” — The ones in our Bklyn school do!!!!

    “How, exactly, does the PD expect to collect from a 9 year old child? Will they garnish his allowance, do you think?” — The same way that boys yeshivos/mesvitos expect to get $$$ from a bochur that they give a kenas to..

  30. We send our kids every day to school to learn torah and middos and for an hour they are learning how to be chayos on the busses the whole day goes out the window (i guess now literaly) and recess in most schools is the same story no supervision!!!

  31. i have only one last outstading question after reading all of these comments,didn’t the yated a few weeks ago in the chinuch roundatable in the controversy if kanosos work in the yeshiva,
    it brought down from a few rabbonim– R’ yaakov Bender shlit”a that kanosos don’t at all even, if you give the kid a 200 dollar knas,
    so in this case why should the kid learn hisleeson its like a knas and if anything it will cause other kids to do it so they also could get the fame.zurich eyuin gadol??????!!!!

  32. Sometimes cops are right, sometimes they are wrong.

    A Lakewood cop had the distinct misfortune of giving a serious litigator (a type of lawyer) an improper ticker two months ago here in Lakewood. Last week, the lawyer crossexamined the cop and ripped the cop to shreds. The prosecutor withdrew the charge because it was so obviously inappropriate. The attorney did not hold back any punches. With a perfect list of question to set up the downfall, the cop was shown as an inexperienced kid who made several bad, if not dangerous, dangerous in the process of issuing a fundamentally wrong ticket. The lawyer suggested to the Judge that the cop be reprimanded and attend remedial training! He called the cop a fool. The Judge, feeling sorry for the visibly shaken cop, asked the attorney to stop the cross examination. Twice.

    When we are right, we have to stand up for ourselves. When we are wrong, we have to admit it. Littering is illegal. If he got a ticket for endangering the lives of all the people on the road, I would be the first to admit that the cop made a terrible mistake–either out of anger, or challlah worse. But if it was for littering, it was right. And the cop has every right to give him a ticket for that.

  33. Mucholoco, vitriol is anything sharp or caustic, esp. speech or writing. A correction officer works in a prison and keeps the prisoners in line. If you have the personality for it, it’s good. Most of us, however, are a bit softer in our approach to teaching children proper behavior. U R RITE, I don’t know which Brooklyn school you are referring to, but the ones in my Brooklyn neighborhood don’t have seat belts, and I’ll bet the ones in Lakewood don’t, either. Boys’ yeshivos/mesivtos don’t give knasim to 9 year olds! They knas older bochrim who have access to money. The LPD has no authority to knas anyone! Bus monitors on a school bus is a very good idea, but many yeshivos cannot afford them (especially in these difficult financial times when many parents are unable to pay tuition.) For the record, the 9 year old boy did not throw the cookies on the cop. One just landed near the cop. GET A LIFE, what a cynic you are! Children can be traumatized, and the mother has no psychological problems. She is justifiably angry at the extreme treatment her young son was subjected to. The child’s behavior was not acceptable, but nether was the cop’s behavior, and the cop is an adult, while the 9 year old is not. It is the responsibility of the adult to teach the child a lesson in a measured manner, so that the child can internalize the message and feel regret for his foolish action. The adult’s overreaction leaves the child so traumatized that he is not available to learn anything good from the experience. A more moderate response would have gone much farther and accomplished much more.

  34. Dear Mucho Loco and others, For your info I was raised by the rules. The job of the police is to serve the public. Part of that job is to act in a professional manner when it comes to the performance of their duties. I’ve been in Lakewood a very long time. When we first moved here, the cops were extremely friendly. They’d walk up to the kids and shake their hands or tussle their hair. They were fair and just. Most members of the LPD are wonderful and do their jobs with pride. There are a few others, as there are with other occupations, who don’t perform their duties properly, which gives the LPD a bad name. If you lived here, you’d know what I’m talking about. There have been many instances when the cops weren’t exactly polite to members of our community. (Perhaps some of us weren’t very polite to them either.)
    Also, the problems didn’t start until Lakewood’s frum population exploded. Yeah, a few of the cops do have an attitude problem, but so do many of us. Perhaps they’re fed up with us double parking or making spaces where there aren’t any and then giving them lip when they tell us to move. It’s a two way street.
    If you read my whole post you’d have seen that I didn’t condone the kid’s behavior and I felt we all had to improve our own behavior. Maybe the cops wouldn’t give us attitude if we don’t give them attitude.
    Also, the schools need to teach the kids to respect the authority of the bus driver and the importance of not making a chillul Hashem, especially if he’s a goy. The drivers can tell when the principal or teacher is backing them up. They also know when the principal or teacher is making fun of them, even if they’re speaking Yiddish. (Telling the kids not to stand up on the bus because the tinkele luz nisht is not the way to promote respect.)

  35. Dear Chavi and Belmarmom, you both switched tones dramatically in your last posts. It seems as if you agree with me to an extent. Hopefully we can all raise our kids to be good, smart and derech ertzdike kinderlach.

  36. To ‘To Shalom’,

    Yes. No, it seemed the most appropriate way. No, I have children also and that makes no sense to me. Yes. I believe that my post did show derech eretz, as it asked a question instead of making assertions. I disagree.

  37. I am not from Lakewood, but I do visit often. It used to be a nice place to come, visit with family… and then the population grew. And it became not such a nice place.

    I, for the life of me, don’t understand why people MUST drive like complete jerks? Why does there have to be 18 kids in a station wagon built for 7. If my wife is not interested in wearing her shaitel, she gets stares from people, as if they have never seen someone in a snood before. Lakewood has become a very UN-NICE place… But if you look towards the adults walking around like they own the city, you can understand why the kids on the bus would be throwing cookies! What kind of a mishigas is this? Throwing food? Throwing anything on a bus? I bet this kid didn’t clean up after himself, and the bus driver had to do it after his shift. Sit and talk with your friend. Have a good time. But throwing and carrying on? He deserves the summons. And the parents should get one too!

  38. One of the Anonymouses,3/29 10:12 who said that police officers “never grew up” is living, hopefully, without fear of the violence from African-Americans, Arab-Americans and other Muslim/Moslem-Americans.
    Rest of us know that while Lakewood PD is disfunctional(the only frum community in America like this) that there no other force to defend us in the case of outbreak of, let’s say, Notzri-American violence.I am sure that Reb Anonymous(for purpose of shidduchim, right?) doesn’t have and/or cannot discharge a weapon to defend his family


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