Lakewood Police: Containers Found Filled With Explosive Material Were Thrown From Vehicle


lakewood-policePolice reported finding five containers that were filled with explosive material that had been thrown from an unidentified vehicle early Sunday morning, officials said.

Lakewood police officers responding to a citizens’ call of hearing three explosions that were at first thought to be gunshots, turned out to be homemade bombs, said Lakewood Police Sgt. Glenn Glayton.

Officers found on Hartstone Drive the remnants of three two-liter soda bottles that had been filled with a liquid and a piece of aluminum foil inside it. Two other Gatorade bottles were also found with traces of the liquid inside.

A witness who had called police reported seeing an older model Nissan driving away at high speed with its headlights off.

Both the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office and the State Police Bomb Squad were called to the scene.

A State Police investigator who tested the liquid determined it to be an “acid-based solution that most likely was a common household cleaner.”

The state police official said the acid-based solution when mixed with the aluminum creates a hydrogen-based gas inside the bottle that builds up pressure and causes the bottle to explode.

There were no reported injuries. Police said a check of local hospitals failed to turn up any burn-victim cases last night.

The case is being investigated by Lakewood Police, the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office and the State Police.

{APP/Noam Newscenter}



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