Lakewood Mother Gives Birth On Garden State Parkway


garden-state-parkwayNew Jersey – Last night, a newborn baby’s first sight of the world was the Garden State Parkway, police said. A vehicle was traveling northbound on the Parkway when it stopped near mile post 105.7 for the Lakewood resident to give birth, State Police Sgt. Adam Grossman said.

“By the time troopers arrived, the baby was already born,” Grossman told the Asbury Park Press, who did not provide the mother’s name or the baby’s gender.

Mother and child were transported to Long Branch’s Monmouth Medical Center, Grossman said, according to the APP report.

Mazel tov!

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. unfortunately this happens far to often. i do not know the details of this incident, but as a member of Jersey Shore (Deal, Nj area) Hatzalah, i can tell you what has happened many times in the past. there are many young couples living in lakewood and often times their first experience of childbirth happens to experience and extended period of time in active labor (8-14 hours). So with future pregancancies they sometimes say “i dont want to sit in the hospitol during labor for so many hours” and they wait until the active labor aa further along before starting to make that 20-40 minute drive (depending on traffic) from lakewood to long branch and along the way come us loud scream and an “uh oh” foloowed by an ” i don’t know if we are going to make it all the way to the hospitol in time…..” for the sake of yourselves and for your babies – please startr heading to the hospitol as soon as you see the signs of acive labor.

  2. @#4:

    There was no delay here at all on the part of the family. The point you make is legitimate, but please do not attribute it to this situation. It unfairly smears the baby’s family. A simple “Mazel Tov” would have been enough…

  3. Sometimes I think about Rochel Imeinu, if only they were in a modern hospital setting, she could have lived to see her son become a Mishneh L’melech.

  4. Mazal Tov!! I can relate as this could have happened to me with my last baby – after going to the hospital and being sent home – there was barely enough time for me to make it back.

  5. “By the time troopers arrived, the baby was already born,” Grossman told the Asbury Park Press, who did not provide the mother’s name or the baby’s gender.

    Thank you Matzav for NOT printing the family name. It’s not the business of the public to know who it is. As long as there is a mazel tov, let’s keep it that way. What would you accomplish by embarrassing them?

  6. Regular Amaratzus #12 It says that she died because of the curse that Yaakov Avinu gave to whoever stole the Trofim Hatzlacha.

  7. just to let you now at lest the baby was not born on the street mazal tov let this baby should get marred on the gardin state parkwhay
    bar or bas mizvoh if it is a garel pink pokied
    teflin if a boy black mazal tov

  8. # 12,

    You are insane. There was an exact reason Hashem chose to take Rochel at that point and time. In fact, her burial place, and subsequent prayers is to our great great advantage. She has saved and redeemed us with her prayers.

  9. to #17 and #22


    to #14

    how foolish and narrow minded YOU can be

    instead of answering or giving a reason YOU chose to make fun

  10. Baruch Hashem, mother and baby have returned home well! We should all have much nachas from our families! Chasdei Hashem!

  11. Boruch Hashem, mother and baby returned home today well. We should all have much nachas from our families. Chasdei Hashem!

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