Lakewood Mayor Returns from Mideast, Will Be Reappointed On Tuesday


menashe-miller-lakewoodLakewood, NJ – Lakewood Mayor Menashe Miller returned home today in time for Tuesday’s Township Committee organization meeting. Mayor Miller made it home from Qatar, where he was stationed for a brief military deployment.

Mayor Miller arrived in Lakewood at about half past noon, and was greeted at the Lakewood-Jackson border by friends and family, as well as Lakewood Police Chief Rob Lawson, Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein and Committeeman Isaac Akerman. The mayor was escorted to the Lakewood Municipal Building on Third Street, where he was greeted by other officials and friends.

Miller, an Air Force major, was deployed in mid-December to serve as a chaplain for troops in the Middle East. This was the second year he was deployed during this time of year.

He will be reappointed on Tuesday to serve as mayor of the town for the second straight year.

Initially, if Mayor Miller had experienced a problem in his travel plans, or there was a change in his deployment, he would have participated in Tuesday’s meeting via the Skype Internet video system.

Committeeman Isaac Akerman will be appointed to serve as deputy mayor on Tuesday.

There will be a reception at 10 a.m. in the lobby of the municipal building, followed by the organization meeting at 11 a.m.

Mayor Miller had been using Skype to stay in touch with his wife, Yocheved, and his six children while he was away on deployment.

Republican Deputy Mayor Steven Langert will be sworn in for his second term at the meeting. Ten-year committee veteran Democrat Ray Coles will also be sworn in.

{Shmiel Newscenter}


  1. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!! I beg of all news outlets to stop reporting on Mayor Miller’s trips back and forth to Iraq. ENOUGH !!! How many times do we have to read about this ??? Menashe is going to Iraq, Menashe is in Iraq, Menashe is coming back from Iraq….Menashe in Iraq for Purim, Chanuka, Pesach, Yomim Noraim etc……Enough !!!! I for one am sick and tired of all of this… is not newsworthy anymore…!!! Anyone agree ???


    This is a massive Kiddush Hashem. Here’s a wonderful Ben Torah who leaves his Mishpacha over Chanuka to proudly serve his country.

    Every time he goes is another Kiddush Hashem & it is very newsworthy!

  3. Hm, the last time Mideast was used in a headline re Lakewood it was referring to traffic in mideast Lakewood. Is that what you mean here?


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