Lakewood: Massive Fire Engulfs Delta Store


fire-deltaLakewood, NJ – The popular Delta Gas Station, located on Madison Avenue at the corner of Tenth Street in Lakewood, NJ, is now engulfed in flames.

Eyewitnesses tell that flames are shooting up into the sky as local buildings, including Beth Medrash Govoha’s Bais Aron and Bais Shalom buildings, have been evacuated. The nearby Lakewood Cheder building was empty, given the time of night.

The Irvington Dormitory of Beth Medrash Govoha, located on the other side of the block, is being evacuated, with hundreds of bochurim standing outside, many of them seeking other places to sleep as firefighters battle the mammoth blaze, which broke out about fifteen minutes ago.

Residents of The Concorde, an upscale co-op building across the school, have either evacuated or are looking on from their terraces wide-eyed.

Delta is a gas station featuring a very popular convenience store, with a grocery department and a takeout department, among other amenities.

Boruch Hashem, at this time, the gas pumps have not caught on fire, although the shop is consumed.

The cause of the fire is not yet known.

Further info will be supplied when it becomes available.

{ Newscenter}



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