Lakewood: LCSW Holds Search And Rescue Training Session


lcsw-search-and-rescueLakewood, NJ – When any individual, child or adult alike, goes missing, panic sets in as beloved family members can’t help but envision the worst in the ensuing moments, their most horrific nightmares coming true and the fear intensifying with every passing moment that finds their loves ones still missing. Knowing that there are skilled, trained and compassionate individuals and agencies invested in finding their loved one safe and sound brings no small measure of comfort and hope to the anxious family members.

In their ongoing efforts to enhance the skills and effectiveness of their members, LCSW recently held a highly informative and productive search and rescue training session in the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) building. The event was facilitated by  Mr. Shlomo Ehrenthal, LCSW member  B13.

Instructor Akiva Klein, Search and Rescue Coordinator of Flatbush Hatzalah and Flatbush Shomrim, led the session, drawing on his 30+ years of experience and vast knowledge in the field to bring real life examples to the table.

Mayor Menashe Miller delivered opening remarks and presented Mr. Klein with a proclamation on behalf of the Lakewood Township Committee. Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein, Lakewood’s liaison to emergency services, put in an appearance as well.

Mr. Klein delved into the various natures of different missing person scenarios and the appropriate, individualized response each one would necessitate. He depicted actual cases and their outcomes, deriving lessons and practical applications from each. The valuable insights and information, which took into account the factors that make our community and its lifestyle unique, were those not readily gleaned from text books or standard training.

More than thirty LCSW members attended the session, empowered by new skills and knowledge that could save lives someday.

“I am so impressed with all of the training LCSW volunteers undergo,” Mayor Miller told an LCSW coordinator. “Their deep knowledge of community issues and ability to keep up with Lakewood’s growing population enables them to do great work for this town.”

As if to underscore the necessity of these skills and their life-saving potential, a mere three hours after the session concluded a number of LCSW members were dispatched to assist in a missing person crisis in Deal, NJ. This was the second search and rescue operation in which LCSW participated within the past few days.

May Hashem protect all of our families and ensure that none of them be forced to undergo this ordeal, but if a catastrophe should arise, it will come as a relief to know that trained LCSW teams will be ready to provide skilled and expert assistance in bringing the situation to a satisfactory conclusion.

If someone you know chas veshalom goes missing, don’t waste any time in filing a report, as every moment is vital. Gather any information that can be helpful and give an incident report to a trained LCSW member, only after reporting the disappearance to the police.

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