Lakewood: Latino Community Joins “Day Without Immigrants” Protest


The Latino community in Lakewood, NJ, came out en masse today at Town Square at Clifton Avenue and Fourth Street, next to Lakewood Town Hall, to participate in the nationwide “DAY WITHOUT IMMIGRANTS” protest.

Storeowners say that they are doing okay, but local supermarkets are being affected the most, as many of their cashiers, shelve stockers, and other employees have taken the day off.

Thursday is generally the most hectic shopping day of the week in frum communities.




  1. Call in the National guard, Surround them, and deport them. Chutzpah. They want rights? They have the right to remain silent. They are a burden to the USA , They hate the locals, and they are 75% of our local criminals.

  2. Same thing would happen if all the sanitation department & correctional officers (aka as jail guards) would go on strike.
    No community can handle that.

  3. They have a lot of chutzpah waving the Mexican flag while protesting this country’s laws. If you have such pride in your country go back and fix its issues.

  4. I’m not anti immigrants who come here to make a honest living but let’s be fair and make the following contest (1)All immigrants will not show up to work (2)The government will not pay for any benefits to immigrants during their strike. This includes their children’s schooling. Let’s see who backs down first.

    On another note it is hard to ignore the irony of liberals calling for a boycott on restaurants and other businesses that employ mostly immigrants for a day.

  5. If they took off from work without prior permission from their boss, they should be fired immediately. Then we’ll see who’s having the last laugh.

  6. Here in Passaic-Clifton, the Mexican community is also taking part in the protest. The main Kosher grocery is operating without most of its workers, and the Mexican household workers are also taking the day off.

    The boycott is endorsed by the Mexican Mayor of Passaic, Hectar Loro, and by the three Orthodox Jews on the City Council.

  7. day without immigrants?
    nobody is against immigrants. just ILLEGAL ones. come legally, work and pay taxes.
    and by the way, free medical car, free schooling for their kids, other programs…
    a real day w/o immigrants would include them quitting all these programs.


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