Lakewood: Improperly Pasteurized Milk Recalled


The New York State Agriculture Commissioner stated that 1% low fat milk produced by Mountain Fresh Dairy in Binghamton, New York is being recalled for improper pasteurization. The notice states, “Proper pasteurization heats milk in order to effectively eliminate all pathogenic bacteria, such as Listeria and Salmonella.” No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with this problem.

The recalled 1% low fat milk was sold at three grocery stores in Lakewood and Jackson, New Jersey: NPGS (The Co-op) at 2080 West County Line Road in Jackson, 231 Main Street in Lakewood, and 152 James Street in Lakewood.

The milk was sold under the name Mountain Fresh.

It was also distributed by the Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse (CHOW) in Broome County, New York.

The product was packaged in a half-gallon, plastic container with the container code: USE BY JUL 07 2017.

If you purchased this product, do not consume it. Throw it away in a sealed or double bagged package so other people can’t eat it.



  1. Purchase chalav stam from now on. I’ve been drinking their milk for quite some time now and never had any issue. It taste better and is a lot cheaper as well.

      • Please explain, citing sources, why using chalav stam in the US is an aveira.

        Specifically, please address Reb Moshe’s teshuvah on the matter.

        • I heard from a Mashgiach that the inspections that Rav Moshe’s teshuva is based on no longer take place. Therefore Rav Moshe’s Teshuva as written doesn’t apply today. Also, Klal Yisroel has come a long way since needing to rely on this Heter. Any honest person who doesn’t have his head in the sand would admit that. Some people just wish we were still in the situation we were in the 1950’s. And don’t ask me what I mean by that. You all know good and well what I mean.

          • A Mashgiach? Which mashgiach? And what exactly did he say?

            Sorry, none of today’s poskim have come out saying we can’t us chalav stam in the US.

            I was born in the 1950s, and I have no clue about “what you mean by that”.


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