Lakewood Girls Schools Closed Due to Icy Conditions


snow1Lakewood, NJ, is still recovering from a snowfall of over two feet over the weekend, which brought the town to a literal standstill. Virtually all girls schools in Lakewood are closed today due to icy and hazardous conditions. Boys schools reopen today, but there is no public transportation. Early Shacharis minyanim at the boys schools have been cancelled and the boys will be dismissed early. The limud haTorah at the mesivtos and botei medrash in Lakewood continues undisturbed.  

The girls schools closed today in Lakewood include Ateres Tziporah, Bais Faiga, Bais Kaila, Bais Rivka Rochel, Bais Rochel, Bais Shaindel, Bais Tova, Bais Yaakov, Bnos Penina, Bais Yaakov Elementary, Bais Yaakov High School, Bnos Bais Yaakov, Bnos Bina,
Bnos Bracha, Bnos Devorah, Bnos Melech, Bnos Orchos Chaim, Bnos Rivka, and Bnos Yaakov.

 { Lakewood News Desk}


  1. Are you implying that everyone in Lakewood should go up and down the streets and shovel the snow??? They’re not plowing trucks. They’re people.

  2. Boys schools are open primarily for those within reasonable walking distance. For girls, on the other hand, there’s no inyan for them to be moiser nefesh to the extant of walking to school in inclement weather.


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