Lakewood: Gas Leak Causes Fire On 2nd and Forest


A gas leak caused a fire to break out near 2nd Street and Forest Avenue in Lakewood, New Jersey on Monday morning, township officials said.

Township Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein said sparks ignited the errant gas but that firefighters had extinguished all burning homes and gas workers had shut off gas to the line, which emergency calls indicate may have been unmarked.

Police, firefighters, medics and volunteers from the Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch, Hatzolah and Chaveirim responded to the scene. There were no reported injuries.




    • This could have had major consequences; people could’ve been C”V killed or seriously injured. As it is, there are multiple families whose homes aren’t habitable. It’s not a time for juvenile attempts at humor. Do yourself a favor and grow up.

    • and what about the measles vaccination which according to the recent articles here with the outcry of its hundreds of vaxxers commentators this seems to be much more essential?


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