Lakewood EMS Agrees to Pay Cut; Contract Vote Possible at Meeting Tonight


lakewood-emsMembers of the township’s Emergency Medical Services department have agreed to take a 30-percent pay cut in order to prevent Lakewood officials from privatizing the town’s ambulance service, a union official said today.Shannon Ortiz, president of FMBA Local 380, said the union is still asking to keep the EMS supervisor, at least as a regular technician, and for assurances that the township will not engage in any subcontracting during the three-year contract.

The Township Committee could vote on the contract and its meeting tonight.

{Z. Patberg-APP/ Newscenter}


  1. Lakewood is still losing $500,000.00 out of the taxpayers pocket. Every Lakewood Township Dept should be cut their salaries & benefits by 30%.


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