Lakewood Doctors Are Unanimous: Vaccinate, Vaccinate, Vaccinate



  1. Fake news. Not every dr is signed on here so not sure how you wrote unanimous. Dr Eilenberg isn’t on here.

    I’m a vaxxer have no fear but still no reason to lie

  2. Had mothers contracted measles as children they’d have been immune for life and so would their newborn until about 2 years old!

    Not only does vaccine not give children immunity from more than about 3 years, mothers who were vaccinated as children are not immune either. Hence their newborns can be in danger of getting the measles.

  3. The more the vaccination propaganda continues, the more people are waking up to the vaccination hoax. I’ve yet to hear of any anti-vaxxer who’ve lowered themselves and vaccinated to please the privately owned CDC organization and Big Pharma. Anti-vaxxers are intelligent consumers who’ve done research and cannot be fooled.

  4. CONGRESS Labeled vaccines as unavoidably unsafe.

    MERCK states in the MMR vaccine insert that the MMR may cause death.

    VAERS paid out more than 4 billion and counting in vaccine injury damage.

    According to the CDC no one in the USA died of measles between 2004 and 2014, yet according to VAERS 108 people died of the MMR shot.

    THE OTTAWA HOSPITAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE found in a 2011 study that 1 out of 168 babies that received the MMR shot had to be hospitalized between 4 to 12 days from their shot. In this study, several of the hospitalized babies died.

    • You say “THE OTTAWA HOSPITAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE found in a 2011 study that 1 out of 168 babies that received the MMR shot had to be hospitalized between 4 to 12 days from their shot. ”
      That is incorrect. the clinical endpoint in the study is emergency room visits OR hospital admissions. The increased incidence of that COMBINED ENDPOINT was 1 in 168 WITH NON-SIGNIFICANT INCREASES IN HOSPITAL ADMISSIONS.
      Please, please, read things before you quote them. This kind of bias confirmation weakens your argument among thinking people.
      Besides the unfortunate fact that the anti-vaxxers are fully responsible for reawakening dreams of pogroms against the disease carrying Jews. It may be a risk, but you are guilty of creating that risk.

    • 1 – no one said vaccines have no risk. However, in terms of Likelihood the positives outweigh the negative by far.

      2 – please look at specific cases and the reason for why they were find. You will find that it has nothing to do with the actual vaccine.

      3 – no measles deaths, that is simple false please recheck the cdc website .secondly there is less deaths because people were taking the vaccine. Look up the number of deaths both before the vaccine was given in mass.

      4 – please be more specific. With hospital, who conducted the study. Too see if this is any merit to this claim.

  5. I have a question. If the MMR prescribing information sheet says the mumps and rubella parts of this vaccine have not been tested for safety or efficacy in babies under 12 months of age, why are they giving this vaccine to babies under 12 months?
    Also the info sheet says that women who get this vaccine should not get pregnant for three months afterwards (and if they may be pregnant now and not know it yet, they should also not get this vaccine). Do doctors tell women this before they give them the vaccine? If not, why not?
    I hope that no damage occurs, chas v’shalom, to babies under 12 months who are getting this vaccine, or to fetuses who may be harmed if their mothers got this vaccine when the manufacturer warned about it. If so, who is going to be responsible for this?

  6. Does your doctor believe serious vaccine injury is 1 in a million or 1 in 20,000? Because it is 1 in 20,000 ,

    Let me show you how. USA government’s HRSA Vaccine Injury Compensation Data webpage states: “for every 1 million doses of vaccine that were distributed, 1 individual was compensated.” This is where that 1 in a million number comes from. By compensated they mean a person who won their claim in Vaccine Court, (Vaccine Injury Compensation Program) for their child suffering a serious adverse reaction.

    During the above 2006 to 2017 period, each child received an average 50 vaccine doses (gov CDC webpage). This means a child had 50 chances to suffer an adverse reaction. One million doses covers 20,000 children, the chance of a serious adverse event 1 in 20,000, not one in million. Please talk to your doctor about this, but be prepared for him to push this off because they are not looking at real data, they are just following protocol, you have to push them a bit to look into things, because we really do believe doctors care about your health!

    • Look a little closer to the data. 80% of the cases are settlement ( very normal, as it costs a lot to go to court ).furthermore, there are many reason to sue, many not directly associated with a vaccine. Plus most cases on there data sheet from last year are for the flu shot (627 cases). Only one for the measles vaccine

    • Compensation doesn’t mean they suffered a serious adverse reaction, it means that they displayed certain symptoms within a prescribed time period after receiving the vaccine. The Vaccine Court was specifically set up in a way that they don’t need to prove that the symptoms were caused by the vaccine (except if they claim symptoms not on the prescribed list)

    • > each child received an average 50 vaccine doses (gov CDC webpage)

      I find no such thing. The way I read it is that the *recommended* schedule calls for 50 doses per child (human
      nature makes it clear the administered doses will be less). And that is in 2017. The billions of doses actually administered calculation is a total number for years 2006 to 2017. Meaning, over those years even the recommended amount was considerably less than 50 (as the recommended amount keeps on going up over time).

      In any case, what is important in the analysis is the actual situation where these compensations were awarded. In the early days people with certain medical conditions were given the vaccine when they shouldn’t have been given, as then they did not yet know that the vaccine in question was incompatible with that certain medical condition. And the vaccines which actually were compensated where not evenly distributed, so the actual rate of compensation depends on the particular vaccine.

  7. Don’t vaccinate!! Please don’t fall prey to the lying doctors and hospitals who make THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS off every person that ends up in the hospital with measles. Please, please do your own research and realize that all pro-vaccine science is FRAUDULENT AND PAID FOR BY DOCTORS, HOSPITALS, AND GOVERNMENTS, ALL WHO MAKE BIG MONEY off hospital stays and visits. Remember we as proud anti-vaxers are backed up by independent (psudo-)scientific (non-)peer reviewed studies. Remember, everyone is out to get us and the world is a terrifying place. And dont forget to (mis)quote R Cham Kanievsky and (ignore the fact that all of) R Shmuel Kamenetsky(s kids and grand-kids are vaccinated). Remember someday everyone will look back and see who was on the right side of history. Oh and since we don’t live in Madagascar, Measles are harmless. It only kills over one thousand people there. Duh.

    • You fell prey to the lies that anti-vaxxers spew. MEASLES KILL, NOT VACCINES!

      If you don’t want to vaccinate, crawl back into your hole from where you came from! This is shaping up to the libel that Jews spread the Black Plague in Europe! You are just regurgitating the same FALSE information the anti-vaxxers made up!

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