Lakewood Deputy Mayor: We Are Against Any Increased Density Housing


A Lakewood, NJ, committeeman says that the Lakewood Township Committee is against any increased density for its town.

Deputy Mayor Isaac Akerman, who is up for reelection this Tuesday, let that message be known both publicly and in an email sent at the end of October to the Master Plan Committee responsible for future development in Lakewood.

Residents have expressed concerns at Township Committee meetings and elsewhere about the unrestrained building in Lakewood, highlighting that irresponsible development has had a negative impact on the quality of life in Lakewood.

The uncontrolled development in Lakewood, residents say, is directly causing the traffic gridlock that has plagued the town, as well as a suffering rental market, with a surplus of apartments in homes owned by yungeleit, who are collapsing under their financial burdens.

The following is the text of an email sent by Deputy Mayor Akerman to a member of the Master Plan Committee:

From: “Albert Akerman” <aakerman@lakewoodni .gov>
Date: Oct 27, 2016 1:06 PM
Subject: Master Plan
To: “Justin Flancbaum”


Although we have discussed this issue on numerous occasions over the past few weeks, I am sending this email to formally convey the township committee’s opinion on density as it pertains to the master plan.

At our last committee meeting, the committee unanimously voted for me to inform you that we are against any increased density for Lakewood. As you prepare your recommendations for the committee, please ensure that the proposed master plan does not include increased density for any zone in Lakewood.

Thank you,



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  1. this is all nice rhetoric, but please clarify what density housing means. Its a very vague term. Does it mean rezoning a single lot into a duplex? or not putting up a 500 house development
    please be more specific.

  2. That’s some progress…but can the committee understand the responsibility they carry to begin immediate work on infrastructure to resolve the mess they recently dumped on every resident in Lakewood? The infrastructure should have been in place before the construction or at least to coincide and complete both projects simultaneously. Enough of the route 9 expansion rhetoric…..every functional road/street was ruined over the last few years.
    Route 9 is currently the most functional road in Lakewood, there’s traffic but at least it’s functional. You have turning lanes and signals that will eventually allow you to get where you’re heading. The other streets that were overloaded have zero functionality, so they added police to stand at the corners….but let’s all shout expand route 9. I shout bury the committee under the roads they’ve killed.
    Either way, I know they’re not capable of acknowledging the matter and everything destroyed will remain so….
    May G-d bless us victims!

  3. Whoever cares about this – please come to the Township Committee meeting this Thursday Nov 10th at 7:30. If you can then speak up and if not then at least sit here and clap when appropriate.

    Everyone who cares will be there.

  4. Oh this all a bunch of baloney. Do you have any idea what’s going on in Lakewood right now??? Do you know that currently, trees are being cleared right off Rt 9/Oak Street area to build a development with 600 units??? That’s 2 families per unit = 1200 families. 2 cars per family = 2400 cars. Another 2,400 cars on roads that are dangerous and overcrowded already.

    You all do a great job talking, but when the money is on the table, you go right ahead and approve the zoning for this kind of construction that is killing our town.

    • If you really care, please come to the Township Committee meeting this Thursday Nov 10th at 7:30. If you can then speak up and if not then at least sit here and clap when appropriate.

      Everyone who cares will be there.

  5. This is a welcome development but it shows again that there is no leadership on this issue.

    Anyone with half a brain could have foreseen 5 or even 10 years ago, the humongous problems Lakewood has in regards to bussing, traffic and many other quality of life issues. At that time, any responsible leader would have put a stop to all the shenanigans that were going on at the zoning committee. Instead, they let it happen because of the strong influence of the developers. Now, when they see how fed up the citizens of Lakewood are, they wake up and say absolutely no density.
    Just like they were reactive, instead of being proactive, when they had to adjust infrastructure and traffic according to volume caused by huge developments such as West Gate, they are being reactive instead of proactive about overdevelopment in general.

  6. Omg this is coming a few years too late!!!! Lakewood was over as a functional town with any sort of Quality of life years ago. The infrastructure of Lakewood is meant for about half of today’s population. And there are probably a couple thousand more units being planned and built. In the most dense and dysfunctional parts of town. How did we get here??


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