Lakewood: Chaveirim Members Get Police Communications Back Up During Storm


lakewood policeLakewood, NJ – In the darkness of Hurricane Sandy, Chaveirim of Lakewood brought light, and power, back to the Lakewood Police Department and Fire Department.

The communications systems of both departments had been knocked out last night, shortly after 9 p.m.

Lakewood Chaveirim members could be found across Lakewood – including at Lake Terrace Hall, where they ensure that the Handler-Itzkowitz wedding could take place – during the height of the storm, assisting all local departments, including police, fire and Hatzolah.

The Chaveirim members stepped in, as well, when the police and fire departments lost power to their communications systems. Recognizing the serious nature of the crisis, Chaveirim stepped in to get the township repeater up and running.

Chaveirim members and police officers busted open the repeater room after the key could not be found, and with much diligence, creativity and perseverance, the volunteers got the repeater to work, restoring communications for the police and fire departments.

“It was a great sakanah to have these systems down,” an askan told “These Chaveirim members are second to none. Without their work, we could have been stuck for days. We all can’t thank them enough.”

{Dov Newscenter}


  1. Mi keamcha yisroel!!! I would like to personally thank all the dedicated askanim, and members of chaveirim,hatzalah, LCSW, lkwd police dept, fire dept and of course Menashe Miller who work tirelessly around the clock and devote themselves to the tzarchei tzibbur to insure the safety of the entire LKWD community! Tizku lemitzvos and may all be well!


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