LaGuardia Airport Named The Worst In The Nation


laguardia-airportThe worst airport in the nation is right here in New York.

Travel & Leisure magazine asked its readers to rate America’s airports based on flight delays, design, amenities, food and drink, check-in and security, service, and transportation and location.

The survey found LaGuardia Airport is by far the worst when it comes to check-in and security processes, baggage handling, providing Wi-Fi, staff communication, design and cleanliness.

“Dilapidated LaGuardia hasn’t aged well,” according to the magazine.

Travelers at LaGuardia weren’t surprised by the survey results.

“They’re just slow, they don’t communicate,” one traveler told WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane. “From the airline to the TSA they’re all not happy to be here. Find better people and make it a little more organized.”

“There’s no signs, there’s no information,” a cab driver said. “It should be the window to the United States…it should be better.”

John F. Kennedy International and Newark-Liberty airports ranked fourth and fifth, respectively, on the bad list.

Kennedy Airport was criticized for long check-in lines.

“You will wait-and wait-in check-in and security lines, likely wait again for your luggage,” according to the magazine.

Though Newark fared better than both LaGuardia and Kennedy, the magazine found it still ranked 16th for staff communication and 18th for design, cleanliness, baggage handling, and miserable check-in and security lines.

Los Angeles and Philadelphia joined the metro-area’s airports in the bottom five.

Of the nation’s 22 major air hubs, Minneapolis came out on top, followed by Charlotte and Detroit.

{CBS Local/ Newscenter}


  1. That doesnt account for the theivery that goes on which the airlines or the airport or TSA is NOT responsible!!

  2. There are other, more serious problems. Several times in the last decade or two a taxiing plane has run right off their too-short runways and into the water. I don’t believe anyone was ever killed, but the whole problem is too dangerous to tolerate. Not too mention that it’s in the middle of a densely settled neighborhood.

    If they can afford stadiums why can’t they afford a new airport?

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