Ladies and Gentlemen: NYC Subway To Stop Using Gender Pronouns During Announcements


Conductors on NYC subway trains have been told to stop addressing passengers as “ladies and gentlemen” when making announcements about delays, detours or other things, and instead use the gender-neutral terms “passengers,” ‘’riders,” and “everyone.”

The new train announcement scripts are part of an effort by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to improve communication with passengers frustrated with having to deal with a system troubled with delays, mechanical failures and even derailments.

Conductors have also been instructed to give subway riders more information about delays, departing from a longtime practice of making sparse announcements that sometimes obscure the real reason a train isn’t moving.



The communication changes are part of a broader plan the MTA leadership announced in August, which would involve spending $836 million effort to fix problems in an aging system that operates 8,000 trains daily over more than 650 miles of track and has an average weekday ridership of 5.7 million. Read more at WaPo.



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