Labor Chief Gabbay: ‘In A Normal Country, A PM Does Not Behave This Way’


Labor leader Avi Gabbay says that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech attacking law enforcement authorities over the corruption investigations against him proves that Israel needs a new prime minister.

“In a normal country, a prime minister does not behave this way. In a normal country, the prime minister does not attack the law enforcement authorities,” Gabbay says. “Instead of dealing with the security of the residents of the south, the cost of living, or the health system collapsing, Netanyahu is busy rescuing himself from the investigations.”


“The State of Israel needs another way, a path of change.”

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. In a normal country political investigations are not allowed.
    Except when the target is right wing and the accusers align with the left, then anything is allowed.

  2. This is now the left’s way in Israel & the US. When you lose the election, go and undermine democracy with fake news & accusations. And since your voter base keeps shrinking, your voice becomes more shrill, your vocabulary more obnoxious & your lies more blatant. Keep up your good work. You’ll be faint memory soon.

  3. Dear Avi,

    You raise a valid point. It is quite telling that a man under multiple investigations and criticism, is so much more popular than you and your party are.

    Perhaps your views and message are simply far less attractive to the public than Netanyahu is. Which means that you really need to change yourself dramatically.

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