Kushner: Trump Is A Great Zayde


President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner opened up about his time in the White House, as well as his children’s relationship with their grandfather, during an interview with CNN Monday.

“He’s a great father to his children and a really great grandfather,” Kushner said, going on to explain how dedicated Trump is to his einiklach.

“We work very long hours in the White House and early on my kids would come over to visit me for dinner some nights when I’d be staying late and he heard that they were there and I didn’t bring them by and he said, ‘What’s going on?’ So every time they’re there I make sure I bring them by the office.”

Kushner also detailed how Trump enjoys pampering the grandkids with treats Ivanka doesn’t give them at home.

“He has a little candy drawer where he knows how to makes sure they get stuff their mom won’t let them have. He really loves his family and he gets a lot of pleasure out of that.”

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  1. President Trump is a very nice person. He’s a real person. He has a heart. He has feelings. In today’s sick world, the media doesn’t allow such expressions of caring and love. The democrats have beaten up the Rinos so badly that all G-d fearing Republicans are now perceived to be evil dirty racists. Only demented twisted perverts are allowed to be lauded and put on a pedestal. Thank G-d, G-d has blessed us with President Trump, who has a backbone and has refused to fold like a cheap camera and hasn’t lowered himself to join the ranks of so-called conservatives John McShame, Mittens Romney, Jeff Sessions, & Jeb Bush.

  2. Comment #1, you couldn’t have said it better! It would be nice if he was a little more upstanding morally but hey, שלא עשני גוי is our blessing!

    • I have yet to find that his moral standing is not up to par. Just because he says things that are not too PC the way you’re used to, doesn’t mean he’s not morally upstanding. You must have noticed an immoral character trait of yours that’s similar to his. Care to share it so that we should know what you’re referring to?

      • “I have yet to find that his moral standing is not up to par.”
        I admire your total abstention from any and all forms of secular media. It’s undoubtedly a tremendous boon for your ruchnius.

        • I’m surprised that a Jew would accept Fake News junkies with all their lies blindly. Not one single moral accusation against this President has been proven and yet the junk readers accept it as if they’re true. Like Ben Shapiro said, nothing you make up about Trump changes anyone’s minds, even if there’s no proof.

    • Yours choices are regarding great-grandparents. He’s not a great-grandfather to these kids but a “groyse / chashuva zayde”.

  3. Hey comment #4, do you know anything about the guy before he became president! He was the same menuval as Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton etc. Now, as president, he’s controlled himself!

      • The Access Hollywood tape is not denied by him. The fact that he was dating his second wife while he was married to his first is well known . And there are myriad other examples. He hosted a beauty pageant for God’s sakes, you think Mike Pence would? You could like what Trump is doing and dislike the media’s bias (which is real) but stop deluding yourself that he is anything but a disgusting piece of filth when it comes to his morality.

  4. Zaidy made us laugh and zaidy made us sing and zaidy made a Kiddush Friday nite zaidy oh my zaidy how I loved him so zaidy used to teach us wrong from right. The Donald is definitely NOT a ZAIDY!!!


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