Kushner Fails To Convince Abbas To Join Peace Summit‎


Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas has rejected an ‎invitation by senior White House adviser Jared Kushner to ‎participate in a peace summit let by moderate Arab states, the ‎London-based Arabic newspaper Al-Hayat reported this weekend. ‎

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates have reportedly agreed to participate in the summit that, according to the report, ‎has been deemed by the P.A. as an American ploy ‎to drag them into what U.S. President Donald Trump has dubbed ‎‎“the deal of the century.”

Arab and Western diplomats have reportedly relayed the ‎Palestinians’ concerns over the “ambiguous” U.S. plan, which, according to reports, outlines the establishment of an ‎independent Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip and parts of the ‎West Bank without defining clear borders, without recognizing eastern ‎Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital, without providing a solution for Palestinian refugees and failing to resolve the issue of Israeli settlements.

According to the report, the Palestinians are concerned about support that moderate Arab countries appear to be displaying for this plan.

During his recent visit to the Middle East, Kushner told the ‎Palestinian daily Al-Quds newspaper that the United States will not chase the ‎P.A. leadership or grovel before Abbas, appealing directly to the Palestinian people in the face of Abbas’s rejectionism. Kushner made it clear, however, that ‎Washington is more than willing to work with Ramallah on the ‎peace plan. ‎

The Palestinian people “deserve to have a bright future,” said Kushner, and they ‎should not let their leadership “reject a plan they haven’t even ‎seen.”




  1. Why would the Palestinian Arabs want a peace plan?They’re getting lots of funding for nice houses ,money to kill Jews,etc.Why stop?

  2. Abbas is trying to justify his impotence by being the little baby who holds his breath until he turns blue. Most people, including his constituents realize he is irrelevant and are just waiting for him to die.

  3. Notice how there isn’t a US flag on kushners side. That’s not called a democratic event.

    The world should see that. Its a one sided system.
    People be aware.

  4. For political correctness purposes. I believe this meeting was extremely important. With the understanding that Kushner, the White House & all all those on the Hill, Israel included. Non believed there were any chance Kushner would convince Abbas to join the Coalition.

    But glad it happened. Not that it would make an ounce of difference to many.

  5. Gold summons. Money must be with the growth. Brand new plans need more time. Hotel bills still paid. Get a good meal. Its another day.



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