Krias Shema On An Airplane


shemaOne who is traveling on an airplane calculates the correct time for Krias Shema (and Tefillah) based upon the time at the ground over which one is flying. (Igros Moshe OC:3:96, Bein Hashmoshos L’Rav YechielMichel Tukatchinsky pg95, see also Tshuvos V’Hanhagos 4:24)

If one recited Krias Shema (or davened Shachris) and then flew on an airplane towards an earlier time zone where the sun has not yet risen for that day, one does not become obligated to recite Shema (or Tefillah) a second time when the sun rises as one flies through that location. (Piskay Tshuvah 252 citing the Imrei Emes, Piskei Tshuvos 58:4)

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