Krauthammer: It’s As If the UN Passed a Resolution Declaring Mecca Jewish Territory


Columnist Charles Krauthammer discussed the recent UN resolution on Fox News, saying, “Does anybody think that Venezuela and New Zealand spent nights slaving over the wording of this resolution? (They were the ones who introduced it.) Of course not. This was a U.S. operation all the way.”

“The pernicious part is the inclusion in the resolution of the term ‘east Jerusalem.’ That was totally unnecessary, and it’s completely illogical. It turns the holiest site in Judaism – the Temple Mount, the Western Wall – into foreign territory. People say, ‘it’s the third holiest shrine in Islam.’ It’s the first holiest shrine of Judaism. It’s as if the UN passed a resolution declaring Mecca and Medina to be sovereign Jewish or Christian territory. It’s absurd, it’s an insult to the intelligence of the world, and it is supremely damaging to the Israeli claim to its own holy places.”



  1. this whole discussion makes no sense. the muslims are NOT looking for peace. they are not looking for a 2-state solution. if they were looking for peace, why would they have crashed a truck in germany, killed people in the airport in belgium, setting up shariyah law wherever in the world they can? the idea that they are looking for peace is delusional


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