Kosher On the Road: This Sunday off of Interstate 80


hot-dogIn a joint effort between yeshiva bochurim and Matan Bsayser of Cleveland, there will be a barbecue off of Interstate 80 for those traveling from the tri-state area to Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago on Sunday, April 13th, between the hours of 1 and 6 pm. The barbecue will be located at 3071 East Valley Rd., Logantan, PA, 17747, which is exit 192 off of Interstate 80.

The event will feature hot dogs, burgers, chips and soda. All food will be provided free of charge.

For those partaking in the food, a donation to Matan Bsayser of Cleveland will be strongly encouraged and appreciated.

“Although we hope to have plenty of food for all,” an organizer tells, “we can’t guarantee enough for your family unless you RSVP in a text to 216-339-3662 or email”

There will be minyanim for Mincha based on availability.

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  1. There is Matan Besyser and there’s Matan Besyser Cleveland. Where all the Chessed organizations jell together and makes them tops in the world mee k’amcha yisroel


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