Kosher Hot Dog Eating Contest Comes to Brooklyn


hot-dogNathan’s, Shmathan’s! Welcome to the borough’s first kosher hot dog eating contest.The event is slated for between 1-2 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 25, at Brooklyn Burger Boyz in the heart of one of the borough’s largest kosher restaurant rows, at 533 Kings Highway. “You don’t have to be Jewish, but it wouldn’t hurt,” said Burger Boyz spokesperson Bill Ades. “People can enter whether they keep kosher to the strictest levels, or even if they are not kosher.”

Ades said the dogs of choice will be A&R (Abeles & Heymann) Kosher Franks, along with Pas Yisrael’s bread.

“A & R hot dogs make Nathan’s hot dogs look like chopped liver,” claimed Ades.

Ades said the idea to throw a kosher hot dog eating contest came through Burger Boyz owner/entrepreneur Joseph Bijou, who owns over 20 Burger King Franchises throughout the New York tri-state Area, as well several Pop-Eye’s Fried Chicken chains. Joe decided to do this to give something back to the community, so all the proceeds from the event will go toward local food pantries to help feed the less fortunate, Ades said.

Like Bijou’s other eateries, Burger Boys serves their food fast, which also includes fresh made to order burgers, chicken and other grill items and an assortment of fresh salad with homemade dressing.

The rules for the event include a $10 entry fee in which contestants will be given the option of eating their hot dogs plain and then the buns, or hot dog and bun together.

Unlike the 12-minute Nathan’s contest, this gastronomic affair will be all of five minutes.

“This is a hot dog eating sprint contest,” said Ades.

The first place winner will receive a $300 cash prize, and the first four runner-ups will receive a free meal for two at Brooklyn Burger Boyz, a $25 value.

Ades said the winner will also receive a blue and white belt – the colors of the Israeli flag.

“I see this contest as something for the entire Jewish community, because Jews love to eat,” said Ades. “You go to a Jewish mother or grandmother’s home and the first thing they do is bring out an entree of food, and say, ‘Let’s eat something.’

Pre-registration is recommended as the contest is limited to 50 spots. Contestants can register by visiting, going to the restaurant in person or calling 483-9360.

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  1. As Osher says, the Torah forbids one from gorging himself on food, and especially in public, to make an eating contest out of it? This is not the Jewish way. There are certainly better and healthier ways to raise money for the less fortunate.

  2. This is anti-Torah.

    There are a number of halachic problems with such ‘eating contests. These problems involve problems with those competing in them, as well as the general problem of promoting a non-Jewish attitude of disrespect to food and our bodies, and imitating things from the outside world that we should stay away from.

    Some that come to mind –

    1) They are not healthy for the competitors. To stuff so much food down so fast is bad for the body.

    2) Bizoyon ochlin – not being properly respectful to food that Hashem has so graciously provided for us.

    3) Bal tashchis – sometimes competitors throw food on the floor, etc.

    4) A person is supposed to eat in a slow respectful manner, not like a ravenous, starving animal.

    Perhaps whoever gives the kosher certification for this establishment should tell them that they will not go along with it and that there is no hechsher.

  3. But at least the bread is PAS YISROEL!!

    Whoopteedoo – I wouldn’t touch a Abeles & Heymann hot dog with a 10 foot pole.

    What a disgrace.

  4. Sort of reminds me of someone going in a Mikvah while holding a sheretz.(the kosher food is the mikvah and all the rest is the sheretz).

  5. i guess you guys dont care that the money made is going to our fellow needy jews who have fallen on hard times. bein adam l’chaveiro is supposed to be more important than bein adam l’makom. but all of you it seems would rather judge your fellow jews, even though the torah that you constantly quote tells you not to. sure, go ahead and choose which instructions you choose to follow. it’s not like any of us even know who you are, hiding behind your computer screens.

  6. Number 12-

    While you may be correct in saying bein adam l’chaviero is more important than bein adam l’makom, that does not mean that you can commit sins of bein adam l’makom to achieve bein adam l’chaviero.

    If I were to tell you that if you eat traif I will donate $300 to tzadaka, would you do it?

  7. no. but if eating too much is a sin, then we are all guilty of this. how often do we overindulge and eat beyond the point of being full? way too often is the answer. just look at the obesity rate in america, which includes all religions and races. aside from almost no excersize, eating like gluttons is a main contributor to this problem. so if our community is going to do eat as if there is no tomorrow anyway, we might as well make sure our brothers and sisters can benefit from it. and if people are opposed to it, don’t contribute or participate in it. just stick to all the (self-justified) loshon hora we like to talk about concerning our fellow jews. that’ll bring our moshiach closer, that’s for sure.

  8. lashon hora letoeles is justified, and sometimes an obligation. If you believe anyone can do whatever they want and not hear about it, then you’re practicing another religion buddy – this is an issue of kovod hatorah; I remember last purim, there was a party in manhattan, a mixed party with every averah imaginable, of course with kosher food – even a shacharis minyan! and guess what, the money raised went to tzedakah!

    You can rationalize anything you’d like by stamping tzedakah on it – it doesnt fly.

    Also, achilas gasa IS AN ISSUR buddy – just because people violate it does not get rid of the issur. We are not conservative/reform/otherwise apikorsim who believe in ‘everyone’s right’ moral relativeism nonsense – a Jewish store has no right to make a chillul hashem out of making yidden be oiver on achila gasa, bizyonos of food, and such barbarism – this is kovod hatorah and you’re supposed to be upset, unless of course, you simply dont care – oh well, just another averah, why do you care, just worry about yourself, burry your nose in the gemora and stop being a frum hock – we’ve heard these lines before, they ended when the rabbonim started putting their foot down on the mixed swimming and dancing, when they started taking stands against lax and unreasomable standards in halacha, not to mention out-and-out averos – you need to be willing to be mekayam reiach toceach even though im sure you think it’s ‘fanatical’ or ‘fundamentalist’ or other dogmatic phrases you people like to use.

    Ahavas yisroel has nothing to do with approving of the actions of others. Rav Levi yitzchak of barditchev, hardly one to indict people, called this attitude SINAH and the cause of machlokes itself.

    For the record, this is a known thing as the person was quite outward about it, adding to the chillul hashem. You’re allowed to put pressure socially on one who sins in order to get him to stop – but i guess being ‘tolerant’ is more important, right? who cares if he sins, i cant dare say he’s wrong – oiy vey! someone’s actually wrong! call the ACLU, someone called someone else gasp, wrong!

  9. plus, do you think treife money will help people? A very big rosh yeshiva once said the reason kids go off is because the yeshivos are sometimes funded by treife money. The ends does not justify the means – tzedaka is great, but i cannot believe frum people would turn a blind eye to sins just because tzedaka is thrown in there with the garbage.

  10. also ‘burning bush’, you yourself are the one who is saying lashon hora.

    You said klal yisroel is, chas veshalom, all oiver on achila gasa. Now that is not lashon hora on one man – it’s on all of klal yisroel! I’d like to see how you’re going to do teshuvah for this one…it’s beyond me.

  11. they should have hatzolah on hand. Hot dogs are among the foods highest in sodium and causing hypertension. Just eating 2 hot dogs gives you between 600 – 1000mg of sodium, already an overdose. Will some of the contestants eat 3, 4, 5 hot dogs and consume enough sodium to have a heart attack, Chv’Sh?


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