Kosel Staff Hide Romney’s Kosel Kvittel


romney-yerushalayimYou might call it kvittel redux.

With past tumults created after notes left by dignitaries in the Kosel were taken out, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation removed a note placed in the Kosel by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, with the goal of preventing onlookers from touching, removing, or reading the note.

Just minutes after Romney placed his kvittel in the Kosel during his visit there this week, employees from the Heritage Foundation removed the note. Shortly thereafter, they replaced the note in the wall in such a way that no one would know where it is.

Seeking to prevent a debacle similar to the one that took place when then presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama’s Kosel note was removed from the wall by someone who then sold it to the Israeli media, the Foundation took the above mentioned action this week.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. #1, Don’t you? For a person to go on day after day, as does he, telling us how much he loves Israel and all he actually does do is placate every arab wish and desire, how could one not hate him? Have you ever seen the plans he envisions for “his new Israel?” Do you wish to see Recov Shmuel Hanavi split down the middle and the other side being the Jordanian border? Thank goodnes Matzav hates him.


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