Kosel Rabbi’s Immunity At Risk


The Center for Women’s Justice (CWJ), founded in 2004, has petitioned the Yerushalayim Magistrate’s Court to remove the civil service immunity of Rav Shmuel Rabinovitch, Chief Rabbi of the Kosel, so that CWJ could sue him for subjecting members and friends of Women of the Wall to stringent searches when they arrived for rosh chodesh prayer sessions to ensure that they were not smuggling in Sifrei Torah.

Recently, guards caught one of the women with a Sefer Torah wrapped around her body.

The searches contravened a High Court order from January which forbade stringent searches.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. G-d. What have we next? Trump might have to tell us to Grab them by their coat tails. A Torah might fall out.

    Scary, but if these treif eating soda suckers of the women’s conferences non-orthodox keep coming to Israel to make their spot “clean” claims, we should wonder which Rabbi is checking them out too. This can work both ways. A rabbi can discuss whether the woman is well to even be seen among our families.

    An unclean feeling is beginning in Israel. This Women of the Wall right group is just the pity of the worst values of a woman. She is not a planting party for the gold of her genius work day with men’s work.

    She should learn to discuss Holocaust Issues and put Torah families first. That way we have peace in Israel. Makes sense.

    • What’s with this guy? If it is the same person every time, he/she seems to always write something that is borderline comprehensible. It is ingenious. Is it written in another language and them run thru an inadequate translation program? I am intrigued.

      • I’m starting to think that this commenter is the vegas shooter or who knows…. It’s actually humbling to read his/her posts thinking that you are intelligent then not being able to decipher the code language…..

  2. The Reform Hellenists are really ramping up to destroy Judaism and Torah in Israel. They have way to much $$$$ to spend, even though they are a tiny fraction of the population.

    • to jeruselem mom..
      they have alredy destroyed starting wirth hakala mos jews chritianized …this day ans age most ‘Jews’ assimilated and dont believe in the relavation sini. so what do these hrertics want


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