Kosel Rabbi Apologizes To Female Reporters For Enforcing The Mechitza During Pence Visit


The Rav of the Kosel, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovich, published an open apology this for separating the male and female journalists during U.S. Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Israel last week.

In a letter to Israeli business daily Globes, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovich said he was sorry if the publication’s journalist Tal Schneider had been offended by the enforced segregation, and invited journalists from the paper to come and meet with him at the Kotel in order to discuss the matter.


Read more at Ha’Aretz.

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  1. So what’s next. Female reporters will force themselves into shul interviews in men’s section. Had Hillarey been elected every Yeshiva would be in trouble from these radical liberals. I would like to see this reporter enter a moslem joint and demand equal space. They would cut her up ISIS style. Chutzpah of a secular jewess.

  2. Is he embarrassed of his religion? The Kosel is a very holy place and should never have become a political statement. But since it has, the very least would be to enforce the mechitzah. Once he did that, it only makes him look weak to apologize. The chilonim are laughing, they see that a drop of criticism from a female reporter is all that’s needed for the Rav of the Kosel to beg them for forgiveness for the terrible avlah of trying to enforce the minimum amount of respect for the Kosel. Who really cares what some reporter thinks? Halacha doesn’t change because you feel uncomfortable enforcing gidrei tznius. Shameful.

  3. He’s not apologizing for what he did (kept halacha, )thank g-d,he is just apologizing for the hurt they might have had and inviting them back so he could explain why they shouldn’t feel hurt.

  4. Next time Trump comes to israel,invite only reporters who are orthodox or religious gentiles. The secular reform Jews did not vote for Trump. It was the orthodox and that’s why at the White House Chanukah party there were only Orthodox Jews. Yes one reform rabbit by mistake was invite and wrote a whole article in the jewish week how he was the only secularist there. Serves them right.

  5. “and invited journalists from the paper to come and meet with him at the Kotel in order to discuss the matter.” come to my office to discuss versus meeting them at the local coffee shop. He’s a well thought out principled person. Anyone know his reason for wanting to meet them at the kosel vs offsite? Is there something he can only show them but can’t describe? Doesn’t meeting at the kosel also take a chance they will get insulted a second time when they are again restricted from entering men’s area?

  6. the separation needs to be maintained but they should have provided stepstools so the female reporters could see over the mechitza on their side.


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