Kosel Mispallelim Get Parking Warnings


Yidden attending the netz minyonim at the Kosel, which attract a thousand people daily, have been surprised to find police notices on their windshields warning that their cars were parked illegally and they would be fined if this happened in the future.

Dov Povarsky (not to be confused with the Ponovezh rosh yeshiva of the same name), who has davened netz for the past sixteen years, complained that until now there was an unwritten agreement allowing drivers to park early, when no buses need the parking area.

“Perhaps one needs to become a Muslim to park at the Kosel,” he said. “I pass Sha’ar Ha’arayos every day and see Muslims on traffic islands and everywhere and they never get fines.”

“I spoke with the police commander of the Kosel, Superintendent Guy Gilboa, and he laconically told me that the law would be enforced from tomorrow and that people would be made to pay,” Povarsky added. “It is unacceptable for police to act unilaterally against Jewish worshipers who have no other way to reach davening at the Kosel.

{Matzav.com Israel News}


  1. What’s thw back story here – why are they doing it? It could be pressure due to WOW, or it could be the USA, but there’s usually a reason.


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