Korbon Pesach at Berditchever Kloiz in Lakewood



  1. Help me out someone. Last time I checked Moshiach hadnt come, or did I miss something. Must have had my phone off when the call came through!

    Serously. what in the world is going on here?

  2. whack jobs. this is a carnival that little kids are brought to be entertained??
    the shecita didnt look kusher to me. he was sawing off the head!

  3. headline here is wrong. the shulchan aruch says that when purchasing meat for yom tov one should not say for pesach, as it sounds like the intent is for korban pesach.
    the shechita was kosher although the animal was not due to sircha and many halachos requiring hands on experience were learnt. that btw is a mitzvah d’oraisa.

  4. I was there it was not a “carnival” it was a live look at the halachos of shechita and he did not just “saw the head off”, after he checked it and found it had sircha he showed us all the relevant parts and all those there had a great live look at what shechita really is. Thank you Shuie for all the work you do at berditchev, keep it up!!


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