Korb: Pollard’s Imprisonment ‘Absurd’ Given US Spying


former-us-assistant-secretary-of-defense-lawrence-korbIn light of word that the United States spies on Israel too, former US Assistant Secretary of Defense Lawrence Korb has slammed President Barack Obama for continuing to hold Jonathan Pollard in a US prison after 29 years.

Former Assistant Secretary of Defense Dr. Lawrence Korb last night said that Jonathan Pollard’s ongoing imprisonment, in light of new revelations of US spying on Israeli leaders, is “absurd” and a “moral embarrassment.”

Korb’s comments come as President Obama omitted Pollard from the 13 pardons he issued last Thursday. In addition to the 13, 6 of whom were drug dealers, Obama commuted the sentence on 8 other criminals, all of them drug dealers.

“The lack of proportion of Pollard’s sentence and his weakening medical condition in any case demands his release by any measure of justice,” remarked Korb.

Korb noted the new revelations show “that during the time that (the US is) so stubborn about (Pollard’s) continued sentence after 29 years, we ourselves are spying on Israeli leaders.”

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}



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